ChizComm is a highly regarded leading marketing communications agency that continuously brings innovative, creative, BIG ideas to companies covering a wide range of fields – such as health and wellness, lifestyle and toys. ChizComm’s strong work ethic, industry expertise and successful marketing and communications efforts have made them the agency of choice amongst notable international brands.

With a solid background in PR, digital marketing, social media, promotions, events, and product launches, ChizComm’s boisterous, creative approach allows them to share the fun with partners and clients while developing break-frame marketing communication strategies that drive growth and make some noise.

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meet the team

Known to his friends and partners as “Fun Master H”

Thinks he is the 5th member of The Beatles

Favorite TV show is Little House on the Prairie

Harold Chizick President & CEO

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Proof that great things come in small packages.

Auditioned for the Spice Girls.

Wants to marry Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory.

Jennifer Goldstein VP, Operations

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Was the inspiration for 12 out of 13 Disney princesses.

Is capable of performing any surgical procedure with her PhD in Grey’s Anatomy.

Is Hannah Montana.


Stephanie Costabile Director, Marketing & Communications

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Secretly dreams of being the 6thmember of Pentatonix and thinks “Hexatonix” would still sound pretty catchy.

Growing up, she used to be a Celine Dion impersonator and was often mistaken for her.

Is terrified of bees and wasps, but gets a kick out of scuba diving with sharks and jelly fish.


Carine Sroujian Director, Marketing & Communications

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