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3 Easy tips to Rank High on Google

Kean Ong

3 Easy tips to Rank High on Google by Kean Ong on September 24th, 2018

The first goal of every successful company is to attract customers to their product. This results in more customer traffic which then leads to more sales. This seems like an easy process but often many companies do not understand how and where to attract more customers.

The most efficient way in attracting more customers with a minimal budget is through organic search or more commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When everyone knows of the word SEO but don’t really know what it entails. It shows how important it is to be knowledgeable in SEO writing and the sophisticated functions of the Google algorithm.

I will be discussing the fundamentals on what it takes for a company to be ranked at the highest on the 1st page of Google.


Behind every company web page, usually a company hires a computer programmer/web designer in order to structure the website. This is an important job because they have the vision of what the company web page is going to look like and what the people that visit the website are going to see. It has to be structured in a way that the categories are all efficiently placed to provide value for a person looking for information.

In a world where advancement in technology has paved the way for instant gratification, we want things instantly more than ever. It is important for a web page to have a high-speed time and load pages very quickly or instantly. In 2019 a statistic has shown that the number of mobile phone users will reach 4.68 billion or 62.9% of the population worldwide. This is an absurd number which shows that web pages need to make sure that their web pages are mobile optimized.


Now that we’ve discussed a lot on the skeleton of a web page it’s time to move on to the meat of the information. Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO which focuses on using the same words on your web page that people search for in Google. Once you understand the google searches that people search for in relation to your website it will reach the top of Google.

Another effective tool depending on the target audience is placing videos or graphics on the web page. The reason why this is effective because the time that an individual spends on a website more than likely results in them becoming leads.


No, this is not when your parents have authority over you to make you do chores in the house. While that is also very important, authority is as well. Authority means in SEO is to have STRONG evidence that shows your web page is reliable, relevant and important. The easiest ways to show strong authority is through links, social shares and web mentions.

These 3 easy tips are not ordered but all-important aspects when creating a web page that is SEO. It does take time to build a great web page and adding these tips will grow your web page to the top organically.

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