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3 Simple ways to eat healthy during office hours

Margarita Castro

3 Simple ways to eat healthy during office hours by Margarita Castro on August 8th, 2018

As working professionals, some days at the office may be more hectic than others. Everyday tasks such as answering emails, client meetings, putting together presentations or just keeping up with deadlines, in general, can take a lot of energy pretty fast.

After a few hours during the day, it is only natural that you may be feeling hungry sooner than later. And for many of us (myself included), snacking may seem like the easiest and most delicious solution for an empty stomach, but not all snacks are healthy or can contribute to making us feel satisfied and keep us being productive until the end of the day.

Nowadays more and more professionals find themselves struggling to organize a balance between working hours and eating healthy. After some reading, I came across 3 ways to achieve this balance without feeling overwhelmed during the week.

1. Breakfast is a must

There is no better way to start a day at the office than having a good delicious breakfast. While a cup of coffee is an infallible ally early in the morning, adding some nutritious foods to your diet will help you get started. Some nice and easy to prepare choices are portions of fruits, preferably low-fat dairy products and a small portion of grains or cereals to replace baked goods.

2. Prepare your meals in advance

I personally prefer to prepare a few meals in advance, buying chopped fruits or veggies and distributing portions of meat (preferably white meat and fish), small portions of rice and vegetables into even-sized portions for the week. Organizing your lunch beforehand will not only allow you to take a good rest after work but it will keep you from worrying about what you will be eating the next day.


3. Be creative with the food you like the least

Eating a salad plate has never been easy for me. Some of us may find the idea of getting some french fries more enticing than a plate of salad, so I found a way to make it more enjoyable. One of my personal favorites is getting creative with a layered salad jar.  A simple option is packing salad into different layers, starting with dressing, vegetables, grains, rice or pasta and a final layer of greens such as lettuce or kale. You can pack your jar in advance and mix the ingredients together before eating them at lunch.


And last but not least, experiment with different recipes. The internet is definitely your best ally to find new delicious options. Have a great day at work and bon appetit!


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