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3 Tips to Increase Your YouTube Channel Views and Gain Subscribers

So, you’ve brainstormed and filmed your content ideas, and starting sharing videos on YouTube, however you are not seeing growth in views and subscribers. Now you are apprehensive to uploading videos that may not be seen – what do you do? The key to growing a YouTube channel is consistency. YouTube has an array of features to improve the value of your content and more importantly, the experience attached to your overall channel and brand. In this blog, I will be sharing 3 tips that will help you increase views and gain subscribers.

Tip #1: Create Title Conventions and Descriptions

Titles can include your channel, the content, and which playlist or content category you’ve branded. In the first video below, ‘Becca’s Bunch’ is the channel, ‘Time to Party!’ is the video name/title and ‘#Singalongs’ is the content category. Another example we see ‘Becca’s Bunch’ as the indicated channel in the title, followed by ‘Best of Pedro’ as the video title, and lastly, ‘#BestofBeccasBunch’ is our branded playlist category.

Next is your description. YouTube search results and the space before “Show More” only display about 100 characters, the rest will be read in the full video description when they watch the video. Therefore, the important details/summary + initial call-to-action should aim to fit in the first 100 characters (1-2 sentences). In the example below, the short copy pertains to the video, then towards the bottom are additional lines in the description that gives the viewer more content from the brand channel. Typically, in your case, you will add calls-to-action and social media links, as well as any other content like contests, giveaways or even other popular videos you want your viewers to watch.

Tip #2: Create a Posting Schedule and Commit to It

What is important to note is in order for your YouTube channel to grow, your subscribers and potential viewers must have a reason to return. They will only return if there is something to watch, meaning as a content manager you want to show reliability. How do we do that? Consistency. Pick a specific day of the week (or two or three, as long as you can manage the output of content) and commit to posting on that day, and that day only. If you can commit to a date AND time, all the better.

In the Becca’ Bunch example below, we can see at weekly intervals, there are roughly 2 videos per week.

In the Orbeezone example, we can see several videos per month, most likely 1 per week.

Tip #3: Create and Add End Frames to All Your Videos

Now you’ve uploaded your video and your viewers watch. What’s next?

Well, if they watched to the end, they likely enjoyed your content. Why not make them aware of the rest of your content? Cue the end frames. This is a great feature where you can add calls-to-action and additional content that keep viewers on your YouTube channel.

End frames allow you to feature other videos on your channel and a subscription button. The key here is making a stock, reusable frame that approximately last 10-15 seconds at the end of your video where you can pull in more subscribers.

There you have it! Try out these 3 tips and you will be sure to see growth in views and subscribers. Remember consistency is key!