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4 Habits to Follow for Success

Inessa Radostin

4 Habits to Follow for Success by Inessa Radostin on October 12th, 2018

Whether you have your own business or are a stay-at-home mom, habits are hard to follow! What’s harder is finding habits that are actually good for your productivity and overall success and following them. It’s always easy to stick to habits that make us feel good but what about those that we need more than we might want? If you can believe it, there are only 4 things you need to do regularly to create habits that are geared towards your overall success.

  1. Make a schedule. This is such a simple task that often gets forgotten. Most people think they can remember everything they need to do in a day but life tends to get in the way and things get forgotten. If you’re not big on planning, a lot of companies have desktop planners that are basically pads to plan out your daily schedule and rip the page out when you’re done.
  2. Block out distractions during the work day. If you don’t need your phone for work, put it away in a drawer. The same goes for any other distractions you might have around you. Working from home can be a culprit in distraction so if you have a chance to close the doors to your workspace then do so. If you can’t lock yourself away, maybe use headphones to block outside noise.
  3. Develop a morning and night routine. This one takes some time to really get into. It helps when developing your routines to first write them out as checklists and have them in a place where you are sure to see them. Something along the lines of a training schedule you might have in a new job. Make sure to include some self-care items in your routines so you can start and end the day on a positive note.
  4. Keep a running To Do list handy. Ongoing lists for your tasks are a great way to brain dump and organize yourself. Once you write something down in your running to do list you can clear it out of your mind until it is time to accomplish the task. Make sure you make a mental note to check in with your list regularly and move tasks into your schedule.