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5 Morning Routines of Successful CEO’s and What You Can Learn from Them

Sure, waking up at 4 or 5am can in some cases be an improbable task for the average joe, but you’re no average joe – you’re reading this blog post because you want to affirm your current routine is top notch right, RIGHT?

Well look no further, I’m about to outline what 5 morning routines some of the most successful and popular CEO’s accomplish to drive their daily productivity.

  1. Evan Karp Founder and CEO of Tumblr – This young, ambitious, Forbes 30 under 30 recipient approaches his mornings with a rather simple, yet, effective approach – going on a 15-minute walk before doing anything. This includes not checking his emails and responding to his girlfriend only AFTER he returns from his stroll.

  1. Kenneth Chenault – CEO of American Express – Kenneth’s morning routine, although not a morning routine per se, is still a highly effective one used by many. Kenneth chooses to create a “To-Do” list the night before his mornings, this applies to his weekends too. Such a routine proves to be highly effective not only by creating organization, but by eliminating any uncertainties one might have of the coming day.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook – We all like to save time with mundane tasks, and believe it or not, so does Mark Zuckerberg. At his first ever Q&A at the Facebook Head Quarters, he was asked why he wears the same grey shirt every day. His response? Because it eliminates his need to choose. He no longer needs to spend unnecessary time selecting his outfit everyday. I don’t personally recommend this exact routine, but it definitely helps to make a fashion choice the night before.

  1. Jeff Bezos ­– CEO of Amazon – This morning routine is definitely one that is overseen by busy individuals. Jeff, obviously a highly occupied person is constantly in between meetings and various duties, leaving him with little time for tasks outside of work. With this in mind, Jeff chooses to spend his family time during his mornings, particularly breakfast. Personally, I think this is a great idea as the entire family is up and about during the mornings (Unlike afternoons, and evenings).

  1. Jack Dorsey – CEO of Square, Founder of Twitter – What’s a great way to wake up during those early mornings? Cup of joe of course! However, Jack Dorsey prefers endorphins. That’s right… Jack goes on a 6 mile run every morning, followed by a bout of meditation. This is coincidently something that is constant across most successful individuals morning routines, and that is exercise and meditation. Go figure!