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5 Stories You Wouldn’t Believe Made The News

Paula Dicu

5 Stories You Wouldn’t Believe Made The News by Paula Dicu on November 14th, 2017

The News. You’re scrolling through some online newspaper on the lookout for some of the current events that are happening around the world.

Among the mix of stories, you also stumble upon some ‘odd’ headlines.

Here are a few examples:

1. Horse stuck in a bathtub
• A horse named Phantom got stuck in an outdoor bathtub, rescued by firefighters.
2. Raccoon Rides Alligator
• This one made National Geographic: a real Disney movie moment.
3. Bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs
• A story about someone’s house being infested with flying ants.
4. Baby monkey passes out for 10 hours from caffeine overdoes after stealing tourist’s strong coffee
• A monkey that found out the hard way why stealing is wrong.
5. Fowl play: Turkeys attack police in US town
• Featuring filmed footage of turkeys chasing police cars.

At this point you must be thinking, what makes a story newsworthy?

There must be a rhyme or reason as to why some stories make the news while others do not.  Why would a story like a ‘Muscular kangaroo captured on camera’ make Australian news?

There are other factors to consider, such as:


  • The significance is dependent upon the audience reading it. The story must be relevant, have impact and consider the readers.


  • Keeping up with the trends. A current event will more likely captivate viewers as ‘breaking news’ rather than something that happened 5 months ago. If it’s today’s events, that’s news.



  • This is in reference to geography (local news stories do better). For someone living in Toronto, a lion escaping from the Zoo would be more important than if someone in Toronto were reading about this happening in Paris.


  • It’s simple: fame helps you get coverage. If you dyed your hair platinum it wouldn’t make the news but if Kim Kardashian did it would.

Human Interest.

  • Something unique or interesting that people are compelled to click on. A story that appeals to emotion is a good example of this.

These qualities, and others, are what make a story newsworthy.  At the end of the day the one take-away to keep in mind is that it must be a good story, whether it’s serious or humorous.

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