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7 ways to grow your Instagram account

Jermaine Bailey

7 ways to grow your Instagram account by Jermaine Bailey on June 11th, 2018

Here are the best 7 ways to grow your Instagram account in 2018 with Instagram new algorithm. Increase your number of followers and your engagement score using these amazing tips.


Content and frequency is king. Be sure to consistently post content using hashtags, location tags and compelling images that draw followers to your profile. The more often you post, the more followers and engagement you will get.  Try to post at least 5-7 times per week (or once daily) to keep your profile active and to gain followers faster than if you only posted once or twice per week. Also, using high quality photos with high resolution can really make your posts stand out. The best resolution for Instagram is 1080px in order to minimise the risk of having pixelated images. So, in a nutshell, post consistently using hashtags and location tags and post high resolution images.


Increasing your use of relevant hashtags can do wonders to increase the awareness and number of followers of your profile on Instagram. Relevance is key as the right hashtags can give you visibility to a large targeted audience. You can even follow hashtags and have them appear in your feed. Instagram allows you to use up 30 hashtags so make sure to use as many relevant hashtags as possible. To get even more visibility use hashtags that are trending within your niche. Free Instagram tools like Display Purposes, Focal Mark and AutoHash allow you to get relevant, quality hashtags for your posts on Instagram. Just type a few keywords about your image and you will get recommendations on top hashtags you can use.


A great way to increase your engagement is to leave real comments with longer text. Don’t get sucked into the lazy approach of leaving random one-word comments; these are often ignored and do nothing to increase your engagement on Instagram. Spend the time to leave longer comments and develop a real community of followers. In the new Instagram algorithm, engagement is one of the key factors when determining the number of people to show a post to so take advantage of this by making quality comments. As your engagement increase, your posts could even appear in the top posts in the Explore tab so you can reach more people and even gain new followers.


The look and feel of the first fold (most recent 9 posts) of your Instagram profile is like your new business card. This is the first impression of your profile that potential followers will have so make sure to it as appealing as possible and really conveys what your profile is about. Get inspiration from other profiles and you can even use the Saved feature to create a collection of posts you like. A bonus tip is that portrait pictures get higher engagements so ditch landscape photos whenever possible.


Finding your niche (your specialized area(s) of focus) on Instagram is important to growing your audience and sticking to your niche is even more important. For example, if your account is about travel or food, it wouldn’t be wise to post about cars. When a user stumbles across your Instagram profile they should be able to determine what your account is about right away. If they are unclear what your account is about then they are less likely to follow your account and you may lose one or more potential followers. Having a niche also tells Instagram how to categorize your account and where it should appear in the Search tab or Suggested section to your targeted audience. This way you will be gaining only targeted followers who will all be interested in your specific type of account.


The best ways to grow your Instagram following is to post high-quality content that your followers like and would engage with. But how do you know what your followers like? Instagram is very helpful in addressing this dilemma that most users face.  Instagram Insights provides the data for you to understand which posts your followers like the most. Here, you’ll see your top posts sorted by impressions and you can tap “See all” for more detailed analytics on your posts in the past year or even 2 years. Also, as a bonus, if you don’t have an Instagram for business account, Crowdfire is a free Instagram analytics tool that can be used on both the web and via mobile device (on iOS and Android) to get analytics.


This last tip is especially useful if you have multiple Instagram accounts and/or multiple social media platforms. A great way to get more visibility for your profile(s) is to cross pollinate your content to promote each platform so you can expand or merge audiences. Make sure your existing fans know all your Instagram accounts and social media platforms through cross-posting. Instagram makes it really easy to share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, which could be a great tactic to get some extra exposure for your content and personal/business brand.