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ChizComm is a leading marketing and communications firm that continuously brings innovative, creative and BIG ideas to companies covering a wide range of fields, including health and wellness, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and toys. ChizComm’s strong work ethic, industry expertise and successful marketing initiatives helps bring international brands to the forefront.

With a solid background in PR, digital marketing, social media, promotions, events and product launches, ChizComm’s boisterous and unique approach allows them to share the fun with clients while developing strong marketing communication strategies that drive growth and make some noise. 




meet the team

TV & media junkie who loves a good binge watch.

Proud East Coaster with the ocean in her blood.

Can recite her colors in Chinese.

Donna MacNeil SVP, Marketing and Business Development

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Known to his friends and partners as “Fine Master H”

Thinks he is the 5,6th member of The Beatles

Favorite TV show is Little House on the Prairie

Harold Chizick CEO & Founder

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Proof that great things come in small packages.

Auditioned for the Spice Girls.

Wants to marry Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory.

Jennifer Goldstein COO

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Was the inspiration for 12 out of 13 Disney princesses.

Is capable of performing any surgical procedure with her PhD in Grey’s Anatomy.

Is Hannah Montana.


Stephanie Costabile Vice President, Marketing and Communications

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I’m secretly 5’10.

Self-proclaimed burger connoisseur.

Aims to pet every dog in the world before 30.  #lifegoals

Adeline Salvador Creative Services

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Has an impeccable ability to predict which elevator door in her apartment building opens first every morning.

Eats oranges with salt. And pepper. Or soy sauce at times.

A contortionist. (just kidding)

Angela Hu

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A firm supporter of pineapple on pizza.

I’m 84% coffee and 23% pasta.

Was never really good at math…

Averie Hunt Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Very involved in the personal lives of celebrities

Can quote Shrek from start to finish

If you ask her for directions, she’ll tell you there’s only One Direction

Carla Silvestrone

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Cassandra Ward Marketing & Communications

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Cicilia Thamrin Creative Services

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Daniela Garcia Velarde Creative Services

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1) I think my parents wanted me to be a sailor
2) I didn’t become a sailor
3) They’re still proud

David McIntosh

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Proud Dog Dad. Yes, my dog has an Instagram

Prefers French Toast over Pancakes, doesn’t care to debate about it

Probably looking for another 24/7 diner in the city

David Peddigrew Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Is a Newfie in the big city.

Had a severe obsession with the first High School Musical movie.

Could spend hours watching cake decorating videos on Instagram.

Emily Marshall Marketing & Communications

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90% of my closet is black

I will never say no to ice cream

I’m the pickiest foodie you will ever meet

Hailey Sugar Marketing & Communications

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Haley McGean Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Obsessed with cats but also terribly allergic.

Watch too many B-rated horror movies.

Without a doubt, can survive off coffee only.


Inessa Radostin Creative Services

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  • Never met a dog I didn’t like more than its owner
  • Once won $4.23 on Trivia HQ
  • Aspiring Jet-Ski owner

Jack Brown Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Cat lover

Met Slash from GNR

Minnesota Vikings enthusiast

Jeff Simons Administration

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I love Basketball and Football

I enjoy travelling and going to new places

I like developing small businesses

Jermaine Bailey Social Media & Digital Marketing

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I love music & writing poetry

I strongly believe there is no bad time in the day for breakfast food

Pineapples will always belong on pizza

Jermaine O’Connor Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Will bust a move to any type of music

Can often be found eating weird food combinations

Played in an amateur Volleyball league once- wants to go pro

Kassandra O’Brien

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Kean Ong

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I have a charitable initiative in my home country, Jamaica, which rewards elementary students for academic excellence

I’m always on the lookout for the next great adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from my soul.

I got the nickname ‘Kim Possible’ based on my passion for life and knack for finding solutions to win the day.

Kimesha Walters

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Dog mum to two pug mixes
I’ve probably spent a year of my life watching Friends. Never gets old.
BEYONCÉ. That is all

Kristen Scollard Marketing & Communications

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No photo is safe! Can spend hours perfecting the perfect Instagram caption.

Has a mild obsession with puns and annoys family and friends with a new one on a daily basis.

Named her new white car Betty after the legendary Betty White

Kristi Beaulieu Marketing & Communications

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Professional air guitarist

Has a not-so-secret obsession with Rocky films. #YoAdrian!

Becoming the Doctor’s new companion in the Tardis is never out of the question.

Margarita Castro Creative Services

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When I was 7, I dreamt of becoming a paleontologist. I thought working with dinosaurs is the best thing you can do in life. Sometimes I think I was right

My first mountain bike experience ended up in a hospital. So, now I am a dedicated runner

There’s one thing that creeps me more than anything. Clowns.

Maxim Rakov Marketing

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I used to think I was Spiderman as a kid.

I sung and wrote in a band.

I collect my movie stubs.

Peter Francella Creative Services

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I love working out

Singing while driving is what I live for

I love Disney probably more than I love Pizza. No joke.

Ramona Khan Marketing & Communications

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Sam Dias Creative Services

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Shadia Basravi Marketing & Communications

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Vlad Stetsiouk Social Media & Digital Marketing

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No, I can NOT do the Xena call, BUT I am a warrior and a princess.

Had secret dreams of becoming April O’Neil growing up. Who wouldn’t want to spend that much time with the Turtles?!?

In my perfect world the NFL regular season would begin in January and end in December.

Zena Schmidt Marketing & Communications

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