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ChizComm is a leading marketing and communications firm that continuously brings innovative, creative and BIG ideas to companies covering a wide range of fields, including health and wellness, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment and toys. ChizComm’s strong work ethic, industry expertise and successful marketing initiatives helps bring international brands to the forefront.

With a solid background in PR, digital marketing, social media, promotions, events and product launches, ChizComm’s boisterous and unique approach allows them to share the fun with clients while developing strong marketing communication strategies that drive growth and make some noise. 



executive team

Known to his friends and partners as “Fun Master H”

Thinks he is the 5th member of The Beatles

Favorite TV show is Little House on the Prairie

Harold Chizick President & CEO

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Proof that great things come in small packages.

Auditioned for the Spice Girls.

Wants to marry Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory.

Jennifer Goldstein COO

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TV & media junkie who loves a good binge watch.

Proud East Coaster with the ocean in her blood.

Can recite her colors in Chinese.

Donna MacNeil SVP, Marketing and Business Development

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meet the team

No photo is safe! Can spend hours perfecting the perfect Instagram caption.

Has a mild obsession with puns and annoys family and friends with a new one on a daily basis.

Named her new white car Betty after the legendary Betty White

Kristi Beaulieu Marketing & Communications

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May have been a teenage witch at some point in life.

Is a secret member of Potato Lovers Anonymous.

Is a Mario Kart champion who never falls off Rainbow Road.

Sabrina Bevilacqua Marketing & Communications

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Has a frustrated dream of being a professional samba dancer

Has infinite love for the beach and everything related to it

Monica Geller’s character was based on her

Daniela Cabrera Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Lives off a steady diet of candy and pop.

Is a Gryffindor for life (my patronus is a wild rabbit).

Still waiting to hear back about that one time I auditioned for Saddle Club.

Veronica Caldwell Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Professional air guitarist

Has a not-so-secret obsession with Rocky films. #YoAdrian!

Becoming the Doctor’s new companion in the Tardis is never out of the question.

Margarita Castro Creative Services

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Ian Chisholm Marketing & Communications

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Karaoke aficionado. Read: sorry not sorry.

Old soul to the core. Think smooth jazz and smoother red.

Chrissy Teigen liked my Instagram photo and now we’re bffs.

Laura Cooley Marketing & Communications

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Was the inspiration for 12 out of 13 Disney princesses.

Is capable of performing any surgical procedure with her PhD in Grey’s Anatomy.

Is Hannah Montana.


Stephanie Costabile Marketing & Communications

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Could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same day.

Had a serious obsession with Harry Potter as a child…wait I still do. #TheBoyWhoLived

Always gets mistaken for Olivia Pope.

Olivia Davis Marketing & Communications

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Is a self proclaimed tea connoisseur and chocolate enthusiast.

Eats cake for breakfast.

Is still trying to figure out why a raven is like a writing-desk.

Paula Dicu Marketing & Communications

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Jessica Domingo Marketing & Communications

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I used to think I was Spiderman as a kid.

I sung and wrote in a band.

I collect my movie stubs.

Peter Francella Creative Services

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Has a degree in Public Relations and a Masters in medical dramas.

Is skilled in all forms of braiding and has seriously considered opening a salon called Frenches by French.

Is expecting to be recruited to the Olympics for her deadly archery skills.

Kelly French Marketing & Communications

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Daniela Garcia Velarde Creative Services

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I was obsessed with porcelain dolls.

My favorite cartoon was “Carlitos” from Rugrats.

Fan No. 1 of Britney Spears

Lorena Grijalva Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Believes that she and Taylor Swift are twin sisters separated at birth.

Wants to be a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills… Mauricio Umasky do you have a brother?

Currently petitioning Canada’s Food Guide to have burrata as its own food group.

Devyn Hafner Administration

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Is planning her next trip to Costa Rica to kidnap a sloth and keep it as a house pet.

Has a serious addiction to coffee and isn’t worried about it.

An Entertainment Weekly is never far from her side.

Emily Hatfield Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Is a Newfie in the big city.

Had a severe obsession with the first High School Musical movie.

Could spend hours watching cake decorating videos on Instagram.

Emily Marshall Marketing & Communications

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Is no longer ashamed to say she is a Belieber. Is it too late now to say sorry? Sorry, not sorry.

LOVES traveling. Has helped build a rehab centre for drug and alcohol addicts in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

Idris Alba (That is all).

Krystal McHugh Marketing & Communications

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A big fan of sharks, pugs, coffee and Ryan Gosling.

Can eat junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Probably knows the lyrics to every song by the Backstreet Boys.

Irah Muhamad Nor Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Kiran Palmqvist Marketing & Communications

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Proud Dog Dad. Yes, my dog has an Instagram

Prefers French Toast over Pancakes, doesn’t care to debate about it

Probably looking for another 24/7 diner in the city

David Peddigrew Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Has an unhealthy obsession with stickers.


Previously a competitive ballroom dancer, now turned competitive candy eater.


Can spend hours watching cat videos but does not own a cat.

Inessa Radostin Creative Services

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When I was 7, I dreamt of becoming a paleontologist. I thought working with dinosaurs is the best thing you can do in life. Sometimes I think I was right

My first mountain bike experience ended up in a hospital. So, now I am a dedicated runner

There’s one thing that creeps me more than anything. Clowns.

Maxim Rakov Marketing

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I’m secretly 5’10.

Self-proclaimed burger connoisseur.

Aims to pet every dog in the world before 30.  #lifegoals

Adeline Salvador Creative Services

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No, I can NOT do the Xena call, BUT I am a warrior and a princess.

Had secret dreams of becoming April O’Neil growing up. Who wouldn’t want to spend that much time with the Turtles?!?

In my perfect world the NFL regular season would begin in January and end in December.

Zena Schmidt Marketing & Communications

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Cat lover

Met Slash from GNR

Minnesota Vikings enthusiast

Jeff Simons Administration

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The third most famous Janine after the Ghost Busters’ secretary and actress Janine Turner from Northern Exposure”. There aren’t a lot of famous Janines.

The only celebrity encounter she’s had was seeing Ron Jeremy at the Rainbow Room in LA.

Ask her about her Pusheen collection.

Janine Smith Marketing & Communications

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Is a hypochondriac and probably WebMD’s most frequent visitor.

Thoroughly prides herself on being a human jukebox.

Would be the happiest girl living on a farm with every breed of dog running around.

Amanda Soufi Marketing & Communications

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Loves Tim Hortons and would open one in her basement if it was big enough.

Binge watches Korean dramas because the love stories are cute and sometimes far-fetched.

Is more skilled at finishing video games than doing her own makeup.

Vanita Thind Marketing & Communications

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Has over 200 CD’s in her ever growing collection

Thinks she’s a comedian

Has probably never seen your favourite movie

Robyn Thomson Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Keeps claiming he’s Batman… No one believes him… Wait! Where did he go!?

Claims he is a skilled dancer, but he’s not.

90% of what he says is based off something Ryan Reynolds has said.

Aaron Wade Marketing & Communications

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Always on-call to be casted in the next Star Wars film. My agent has been working on it for the past 20 years.

Predicts the Raptors will be the 2030 NBA Champions. You heard it here first.

Would love to live in the 90s forever.

Chris Wai Marketing & Communications

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Claims Lizzie McGuire was a Disney adaptation based after his own life.

Aspiring SNL cast mate, doesn’t fulfill the Micky Mouse Club age restrictions.

Has a dream to patent Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Justin Walls Social Media & Digital Marketing

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