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Alternatives for your commute that aren’t music

Ramona Khan

Alternatives for your commute that aren’t music by Ramona Khan on July 6th, 2018

Now for anyone, music is the go-to option in any given situation. Whether you’re working out, driving, or having a good cry. I myself am very guilty of it, but recently with starting a great new job that also requires me to commute, music has started to become somewhat repetitive.


So with the insanely warm weather we’ve been having in Toronto and Drake’s new album having everyone a bit more emotional, I decided to find alternatives to music that work best for rush hour commutes or at my desk!


With there being a podcast for almost any genre these days, they have become a booming industry for new reporters, bloggers, and even fitness coaches. Podcasts are an easy listen and a great way to put your mind at ease after a hard day at work. Or, even start your day off with an up-lifting podcast to start your day off right. There’s a type of podcast for everyone!


Audio Books
This is a great option for those trying to catch up on hot summer reads and just can’t find the time or get motion sickness in moving vehicles. Personally, I love audio books because I get to hear the book narrated in a more articulate voice that sounds way better than in my own head. It’s also a great way to still keep alert while commuting and keep your hands free.


Either way, these alternatives will still keep you looking cool as if you were listening to music!