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Appropriate Novelty

Daniela Velarde

Appropriate Novelty by Daniela Velarde on November 30th, 2018

Giving a different or innovative, appropriate or functional approach to objects and tasks in any field is what would define creativity.


We all have it, we were born with it, whether we believe or not we have the ability of coming up with new ideas for mundane acts. For instance, spicing rice differently than the recipe to add a citrusy touch to it. Or more intricate ones like finding patterns in the galaxies to map of the universe and micro universe.


Creativity is something unique that grows from every day experiences, from the memories that we treasure to the brokenness we’ve experienced. Author, radio host and artist Julie Burstein shared 4 lessons every (creative) person should embrace at TED back in 2012,


  1. Embrace paying attention to the world around you. She emphasizes being open to that idea that might change you
  2. Embrace challenges and learn from them.
  3. Embrace pushing personal limits. She tells the story of the Sculptor Richard Serra and how he had to let go of his idea of becoming a painter in order to discover the thesis of his current work, making the spectator the object in and of the art.
  4. Embrace loss.


What is most important in the process of “embracing” to keep pushing creative & personal boundaries is the willingness of being intentional about it because is easy to want to take the short road and not fully take on the journey.