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Are you ready to become a Social Media Influencer?

Shadia Basravi

Are you ready to become a Social Media Influencer? by Shadia Basravi on March 14th, 2019

One of the most seemingly glamorous jobs of today is that of a Social Media Influencer. According to sproutsocial.com, ‘Social media influencers are power users who can help your potential customers make a buying decision through social networking. Whether they’re a blogger, product reviewer, industry expert or a trusted source of information, your social media influencers are unique to your field and product or service’


We find them on various different platforms, from YouTube to Instagram and even Twitch; promoting many different beats, from food to travel, lifestyle and toys. Everyone, from new brands trying to break into a new market, to well established industry leaders want a piece of their action. Being a social media influencer in this day and age is no less than being royalty, and I’d bet that each one of us in the last 6 months has no doubt said “wish I was an Influencer!”. What we see them do and the perks they receive is surely tempting. If you have a travel blog with a substantial reach and strong fan engagement, you’ll be seen trekking from one adventure to the next, staying at the most exciting properties around the globe, sponsored by top travel brands. If food is more your area of expertise, you can be soon hopping from one restaurant opening to the next foodie media soiree, sipping the most premium cocktails and trying out the most sought after menus, 7 days a week!


But becoming a social media influencer comes with a price. Since all eyes are on you, from the brands that back your experiences, to the loyal fans that wait for your feedback to make some serious life choices, the pressure is high and you have to make sure you constantly keep giving your 100% – no excuses! While the perks and payments might all be high, the industry is more cutthroat and un-forgiving vs if you have a job away from the spotlight. One unpopular more and you are done. You become too comfortable and stop evolving with the latest trends and you are done. Your audience decides to chase the next big cheese, migrating away from your page/ channel and… you guessed it – you are done!


While many of us can only dream to lead this fantasy filled reality, we must stop and appreciate how much non-stop blood and sweat goes into achieving the results that make them what they are. And while this may not be a challenge that a lot of us are ready to plunge into just yet, here are a few tips that might help us get started if in case we are looking to get into the game:


  • Find your own unique voice – when you create content that is true to YOU and delivered with passion, it draws audiences in and makes you stand out for all the best reasons!


  • Engage with your audience – reply to questions and comments made and create dialogue to keep people coming back for more.


  • Enjoy what you do – it’s not an easy gig, and it’s only worth the effort if you really love what you do.


It’s not for everyone, but it’s not impossible, and who knows… the person sitting next to you, or even you, might be the next big YouTube star!



Picture Source: Murad Ossman