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Emily Marshall

INQUIRING ABOUT A JOB THE RIGHT WAY by Emily Marshall on September 20th, 2019

At some point, we’re all job hunters. Whether you’re applying for your first job, looking for a change, or switching industries, it’s steep competition out there and standing out among your competition is extremely important to landing a job. There are a couple ways to...

Dean Shoukas

3 Key Factors to Successful Partnerships by Dean Shoukas on September 18th, 2019

We live in a world where it’s next to impossible to do anything on your own. We all rely on others to help us get to where we want to go. Whether it’s clients, friends, lenders, suppliers, mentors, or colleagues; we need relationships to help us grow. The most productive...

Daman Grewal

Avoiding Greenwashing by Daman Grewal on September 16th, 2019

With society increasingly moving towards environmentally conscious habits and desires, more and more brands look to market themselves as being “green”.  Rather than actually reducing their environmental impact and putting real effort towards creating change, they put...

Harold Chizick

PROTECTING KIDS AND PROTECTING BRANDS by Harold Chizick on September 10th, 2019

As we enter the 4th quarter and the most critical time of year, there is a heightened awareness and concern in the industry regarding how brands reach consumers in an ethical way that protects the privacy of children. In the wake of YouTube having to pay a record-setting $170...

Kellie Ehmke

How I became an influencer for my brands by Kellie Ehmke on September 9th, 2019

“Can you solve a Rubik’s cube?” That is the first question I get asked when I tell people I work on the Rubik’s brand. My answer? “Yes, just check my CEO’s Instagram,” (where there’s a picture of me after I finally solved the 2x2 cube). I couldn’t solve a...

Jonathan Siemens

Proofreading is important…so is attention to detail by Jonathan Siemens on September 6th, 2019

Paris  In the The Spring You that read wrong. You read that wrong too. You probably read all three triangles wrong. It’s ok, so did I. I imagine most people reading this blog for the first time will read them wrong too. To those who caught the errors,...