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Eric Butler

Are You Ready for the Pivot to Video? by Eric Butler on October 16th, 2017

There are moments in history where a shift happens in the way we transmit and consume information. The most impactful paradigm shift is commonly accepted to be the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press around 1439. The press ushered in the Renaissance, the Reformation, the...

Daniela Cabrera

Why I let Google Take the Wheel by Daniela Cabrera on October 13th, 2017

Have you ever thought that with every new electronic device comes a new set of permissions that allows such device to basically have full access to your life? From syncing accounts to recording calls with the clear intention of make everything easier for us, but at what...

Harold Chizick

No Bull, Be Bold & Know What Works For You by Harold Chizick on October 11th, 2017

  Disclaimer: This is my true and honest opinion. I am not a paid influencer and this blog is not sponsored or paid for by Isaac Larian or MGA. Every morning for the past few weeks, I’ve had a moment in my day that reminds me of the iconic moment in the movie Uncle...

Trish Manrique

The Balancing Act of Creativity by Trish Manrique on October 10th, 2017

Burnout is real. I’ve heard about it and seen it happen in the workplace. Someone will ask you for a great idea and you are unable to produce one. Your work can get exhausting and you may feel unmotivated but the key is to find the perfect balance and know how to...

Janine Smith

Smart Storytellers and Skilled Songwriters by Janine Smith on October 4th, 2017

This week we said goodbye to one of America’s favorite songwriters and storytellers – Tom Petty. With his compact but powerful lyrics and hard-jangling rock, people loved Tom Petty as one of the preeminent songwriters of his generation. Just like songwriters, we (people...

Krystal McHugh

New Brand, Who Dis? by Krystal McHugh on October 2nd, 2017

If there’s anything I’ve learned so far in my career, it’s the importance of branding. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon says that, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. If you’re not 100% certain about what people are saying about...


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