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Olivia Davis

Sparking Creative Thinking by Olivia Davis on April 18th, 2018

Here are ChizComm, we’re constantly coming up with new, fresh and exciting WOW ideas. Whether it be for marketing decks, social media calendars, product launches or strategy sessions, our creatives juices are always flowing. Here are some ways you can stay creative when you...

Lana Castleman

Inspirations big and small by Lana Castleman on April 16th, 2018

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, I’d argue that it cannot exist without constant observation of the world around you. Paying attention to shapes, colors and forms of seemingly mundane objects, and even eavesdropping on everyday conversations while riding the...

Daniela Cabrera

The Right Way to Lead by Daniela Cabrera on April 13th, 2018

Living in this fast paced era makes it difficult sometimes to find truly inspiration in our day-to-day. Everyone is focused on their own things and living on a routine.   Some are happy and willing to keep their status quo as is, some don’t care and other some, are...


Learning is a lifelong process that we all go through. It is a need that drives us to work together by communicating, sharing our skills, as well as coaching each other. As a creative, I look forward to every chance I get to share my skills and to learn from my fellow creative...

Chris Wai

What Toys “R” Us meant to me by Chris Wai on April 9th, 2018

The news of Toys “R” Us’ bankruptcy in the US and European markets have hit the toy industry hard. We’ve all heard the impact that this will have on companies throughout the board, but the story goes a lot deeper for the millions of Toys “R” Us kids out there, both...

Aaron Wade

Getting It Done: Having a Sense of Urgency by Aaron Wade on April 6th, 2018

A “sense of urgency” is a term that is thrown around a fair amount in the professional world and is something that every ‘people manager’ looks for in his or her team members. What does this mean, though? Why is it so important? How do you balance taking your time to do...