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Does Soccer Bring Us Together?

Zinet Mustafovski

Does Soccer Bring Us Together? by Zinet Mustafovski on July 4th, 2018

With the FIFA world cup coming to an end in less than a week, it got me thinking, does soccer bring us together?

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. That’s a fact that has been true for a very long time, and fans from around the world come together to support their country in the biggest international set of playoff games every 4 years, FIFA World Cup. They come to a different host country, each time, with their faces painted on and flags held high.

When walking into a soccer stadium right before a big game, you can feel the electricity in the air, you’re all ready and the excitement is palpable. Professionals players have been training their whole lives for this moment and you get to see that talent play out on the field. When your team scores a goal to the back of that net, you all go wild, it’s a win for everyone!

You can see that soccer brings people together every time you watch a game or every 4 years when FIFA world cup airs and people from around the world come together. It’s a sport that is played internationally, in every country in the world, and we don’t need to speak the same language to have fun.

Soccer bridges barriers between people, no matter if they feel differently on other topics they can agree that the love of the game bands us all together.