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Drumming up Efficiency through Team-Building

Kimesha Walters

Drumming up Efficiency through Team-Building by Kimesha Walters on April 1st, 2019

The workplace is an ever-changing one which requires navigating a sea of challenges to reach destinations in the form of various KPIs – from internal goals, to project and campaign milestones. With the corporate hustle and bustle of effectively managing simultaneous deliverables, while navigating multiple personalities, team-building presents an excellent way to get employees to collaborate and channel their energy into a common mission.

What exactly is team-building?

Team-building refers to a process of getting individual employees to work together to form a cohesive team, typically through retreats, activities or games. When done effectively, team-building goes a far way in setting the pace for nurturing long-term relationships, eliminating dysfunction, and improving talent and skills towards achieving organizational goals. Need a little convincing? Here are five reasons to hasten your steps and plan a team-building exercise.

  1. Unearth Hidden Skills

When team members are away from the scrutiny of the office microscope and the confines of the workplace, their true persona has a space to shine through. Being immersed in an shared interactive activity allows people to feel more relaxed as they get to know each other, while working on a common goal. The principles learnt in a team-building exercise will in turn be useful in problem-solving to overcome everyday challenges that pop up at the office.    


  1. Facilitates communication

Team-building fosters communication between employees and departments that possibly never have an opportunity to work together. This presents an avenue to amplify their voice, to find out more about each other, learn about strengths, weaknesses, and fears, and earn trust – all of which are fundamental in creating a results-oriented approach to key business deliverables.


  1. It Boosts Teamwork and Productivity

Teamwork makes the dream work! You may have heard it one too many times but it stands to reason that when you work collaboratively, you’re empowered to achieve goals with greater efficiency. Think of a well-oiled machinethat is ready to conquer simple or complex challenges that stand in its way, and that’s exactly what you’ll have. A cohesive team that is working in harmony will consistently outperform one which is being pulled in several different directions.


  1. Reinforces Company Culture

What are the values and vision of the company? While these might be front and centre in the minds of the top executives and managers in the organization, it may not be the same for all employees. Team-building can serve as a key touchpoint in reinforcing what your company culture is while seamlessly integrating reminders of the overarching mission.


  1. Increases Employee Retention

Team-building instills employee confidence and creates a passion for the job and the organization, which, in turn, have a positive effect on staff turnover. Most organizations are complex, and team-building cuts through the layers to create a motivational force within employees.

Once you’ve executed your first team-building, a quick check-in to get feedback and leverage the results to build on improvements is the way to go. From there on, the sky is the limit. Happy planning!


Photos by rawpixel.com from Pexels