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Facebook is Changing and This is How It’s Going To Affect You!

Irah Muhamad Nor

Facebook is Changing and This is How It’s Going To Affect You! by Irah Muhamad Nor on January 29th, 2018

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced a major change in their newsfeed algorithm. In an effort to help users spend time on the platform in a more meaningful way, Facebook’s new algorithm will begin to prioritizing what your friends and family share over what they deem as “passive” content. The primary reason for this overhaul is to change the negative sentiment associated with Facebook as of lately. Back in November, the company themselves claimed that “passive” social media use could be harmful. To counter the negative publicity, restore the platform’s integrity, and ensure a positive user experience, the goal is to encourage and advocate for more “meaningful interactions”. Though the change is not yet in affect, what will this mean for brands?


While this news may send a wave of panic to marketers, there is little to be worried about. Loyal and potential fans of publishers are still able to prioritize such content through updating their preferences within their news feed. Encourage followers to make use of the “see first” feature and add your pages so they may continue seeing your content within their feeds. With regards to content, we at Chizcomm work hard to ensure we create, develop and refine content strategies that understand and target exactly “who the fans are” and create relevant engaging content that is synonymous with the brand. Not to give away all our secrets…but as the changes begin to roll out, brands should shift their priorities to incorporate more user-generated and “live content” (i.e Facebook Live) to drive engagement and brand awareness – both of which will be deemed as highly relevant content.  Focus on pushing meaningful content, to reinforce the brand’s messaging-  the cliché of “quality over quantity” that we often say here is something that truly applies in this case. Other things to consider, Social SEO to increase visibility within the search engines as well as increased social media community engagement to ensure retention and user interaction from existing page followers.

Paid Media

As for brand advertisers, there is minimal impact on those who leverage Facebook for paid advertising. With timelines seeing such a shift, paid media will only increase in value in terms of how social media is used to drive specific business goals versus simply engagement. This shift in fact will give a deeper insight as to what content is deemed most relevant for advertisers. This is ensures that we are delivering the highest quality of advertising week over week. For those who have largely relied on organic content, now more than ever, is the time to incorporate a paid social strategy to get in front of valuable audiences. Outside of just the news feed, updates are being applied to Facebook’s advertising capabilities to not just scale in reach but also narrow in on specific user behaviours.

With social media whether organic or paid, being one of Chizcomm’s strengths, we will continue to create highly optimized and meaningful strategies to adapt to any ongoing changes within the social media/digital marketing space.


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