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Getting the potty started with Poopeez – Building a new brand identity

Clients come in all shapes and sizes. Each have brands that are evergreen, having a history of refreshing awareness to them built up over a period of time. These brands all have their own style guidelines, tone of voice, audience base and story that are tried and true.

What happens though when something new is dropped into your hands? One of the main appeals to working at an agency are the opportunities that arise in terms of brand building. Our team was given such an opportunity last month with the launch of a brand new animated web series and toy line called Poopeez, and boy has it been really stinky, in a good way.

Leveraging a cultural trend into a product line that is viable is nothing new, and with Poopeez, Basic Fun! wanted to tap into the world of potty humour. We’ve all heard our fair share of poop jokes in our youth. Why not be the first toy company to go all-in on poop and turn all these jokes into a consumer property in the name of all things poop? We aren’t just stopping at the poop emoji here, which many brands have done, Poopeez is owning poop and toilet jokes of all shapes, sizes and smell that consumers will love!

What you just heard, was the first step in building a brand from the toilet up – the brand identity. Brand identity serves as the core foundation to which objectives, strategies and tactics are built upon for any brand awareness campaign. For Poopeez, our end objective is to have to have the brand being synonymous with the whole idea of potty jokes – like how Gatorade is top of mind whenever sports drinks are mentioned or LEGO in the same regard for construction toys. It won’t be easy, but it certainly will be a steaming load of fun.

From the moment we began to send out our first media kits, to overseeing the management of the Poopeez YouTube channel and digital campaign – the brand’s identity remained a clear focus. By not diverging from the brand story, we ensure that key messages are being communicated in the most authentic way possible. Poopeez is everything about potty humour and better. This is brand building the right way – by placing a sincere focus on the brand story and not simply creating “noise”. The results will speak for themselves.

It has been satisfying to see the overwhelmingly positive response to the upcoming toy line thus far. Our audiences are learning that Poopeez is a compilation of all the potty jokes they’ve heard over the years. They are recognizing its entertainment value through our influencer network. Influencer relations is an area of my expertise and to see the authentic responses to the Poopeez brand bodes well for the next phase in our campaign.

As momentum continues to build (we expect to hit 1000 YouTube subscribers and more than 10 million earned media impressions by year’s end), I want to thank everyone on our team for all their hard work thus far. Starting with our social and digital lead Irah, creative associates Evan and Daniela, and my fellow brand colleagues Jessica, Max and Aidan, there is a lot to look forward to in 2018 with Poopeez merchandise hitting retail. The potty has definitely just begun!