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Happy Storytelling! Content Marketing will remain a top trend for Marketers in 2018

According to a research from Smart Insights, Content Marketing will be the most important Marketing trend for your business in 2018, image one is the results of a research where 20% of 850 marketers from different industries responded about the commercial impact in the next year for the digital world; brands will distribute more budget for their Content Marketing Strategy.

Content Marketing is not new, the origins about this were around 1895 with a magazine for farmers from John Deere. But first, let’s analyze the concept of Content Marketing:

Hubspot says: “Content Marketing is strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

Content Marketing is the way you are going to connect with your audience, in the old-fashioned Marketing everything was related to the product and telling the customers to why they need it, thanks to the internet the market has changed, now you’re talking to a customer who is informed, who has a lot of options besides your business and he has the power to choose. Because of that, you need to be unique and develop a great Content Marketing Strategy to stand out from your competition.

A good example about content marketing is GoPro, the brand has understood the power of storytelling, GoPro YouTube channel shows videos from customers with user-generated content or sponsored athletes, generating fresh and adventurous content.

“Tell the truth but make it fascinating” David Ogilvy

It’s all about storytelling, in this strategy you don’t have to worry about selling, enjoy the ride about creating a relationship with your audience. Create a human connection, with this information you are going to educate, help and guide your customer. The first question you need to know:

Who is your target audience? Identify your buyer persona, create a profile about your ideal customer with market segmentation (geographic, demographic and psychographic), what are their reading habits and you can use google search console to know which queries your audience is searching.

The more you know about your audience, the more ideas you will have to generate your content marketing plan, it’s crucial to have a plan, only 35% of B2B marketers have documented their content marketing strategy. Why is content marketing so important in the digital world? Because adults spend 20 hours per week and the type of message you deliver it’s how your audience will remember your brand.

Now that you know your target audience, why are you doing what you’re doing as a brand? Simon Sinek presents the Golden Circle where understanding human behavior is the most important thing, what is the mission of your company, why do you exist?

Good progress, you know what is your purpose and who is your audience, it’s time to know about your buyer’s journey, which is every stage of your customer since moment cero with your brand. All of these stages have different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and needs to be aligned with your business goals. What is the relation with your content marketing strategy? Because for your customer each stage is different, and your customer will have different inquiries for each of them, then, your content marketing strategy plan will be according to your audience needs and wants.

How are you going to generate your content? Never forget you want to create emotional appeal with your content, always be authentic and keep it clear and concise. Always use help from others to create brainstorming sessions, choose a topic, read about it, research and digest the material and then distract yourself for unconscious processing to have an “Eureka Moment” (don’t forget to write it down).

Now that you have your content, you can write it and edit it, it’s recommendable to go two to three rounds to avoid errors and it’s important to track your progress, develop a nomenclature system with content format – customer funnel stage – campaign – year, for example, email–awareness–pinklaunch–18.

You can republish your content, not all, just the top performing and wait at least two weeks, you can also recycle your content adjusting, modifying or expanding a previous post this is to avoid problems with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

Analyze your results, test and repeat, only 8% of marketers consider they are having a good performance on tracking their marketing efforts. You need to select which KPI’s you want to track at the beginning of your content marketing plan, if you are creating content for brand awareness you can focus on website traffic or if you want to focus on loyalty and retention, what is your customer lifetime value.

SEO practices, SEO and content marketing are not against each other, they work together; SEO is more technical and content marketing broader and holistic, but success in content marketing depends on SEO implementation.

– You need to add a long tail keyword related to the title of your content in the page title, URL, image alt-text (if using images), also break that keyword and use it in the body of the content.

– Include relevant and external links.

– Like Kelly, recommends on her blog “The Do’s and Don’ts of making a killer blog – From a PR Perspective (http://chizcomm.com/the-dos-and-donts-of-making-a-killer-blog-from-a-pr-perspective/) Call to Actions buttons are really important. Insert (CTA) call to actions after the first paragraphs (test it and optimize).

– At the end, include another (CTA) like downloading an e-book or subscribing to your newsletter.

– Secondary SEO with websites that already have a good position or are using a particular keyword relating to your strategy.

– Youtube and Pinterest are search engines as well, for Youtube you can add a tag, keywords and a description transcript for your video, on Pinterest you can include vertical pictures and targeted description on your pins.

Last but not least, here are some content marketing trends:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: There will be three factors to develop and optimize the content marketing strategy, smart content, artificial intelligence and machine learning making your content more discoverable on the search engines ranking pages.

2. The usage of Internet of Things (IoT) to have a portal with virtual agents to provide useful information for your audience.

3. The rising of micro-influencers, where social media celebrities endorse brands to connect with their audiences across their network and they are targeted to younger customers. If you want to read more about micro-influencers, visit “The power of micro influences” by Vanita (http://chizcomm.com/the-power-of-micro-influencers/).

Remember your content marketing strategy needs to have emotion, be unique, interesting and focus on creating emotional connection with your audience. Happy Storytelling!


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