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Headaches, Sniffles, Sore Throat, Chills – How can I avoid it?!

Brittany Scott

Headaches, Sniffles, Sore Throat, Chills – How can I avoid it?! by Brittany Scott on September 10th, 2018

Fall is creeping upon us…  As it get’s closer, so does COLD SEASON. Unfortunately, it has hit most of our Chizcomm team sooner than scheduled. Or maybe just the Social team… I however have not succumb to such nonsense, and personally have no intention of catching any cold during this Fall season and neither should you.

In my attempt to avoid the Fall 2019 plague, I decided to research 5 key steps on how to avoid getting sick at the office. Here are the results;

  1. Wash Your Hands: It has been stated by numerous sites that this is the number 1 best way to avoid getting sick. However, according to on-going studies the majority of the human race does not know how to wash their hands correctly. In light of it all, I am going to let you know how.
  • Wet your hands and apply soap
  • Lather up, including in between your fingers and the back of your hands
  • Scrub for at least 20 -30 seconds
  • Rinse thoroughly

As much as I would like to say otherwise, I am not the brains behind this step to step method – Thank you Google.

  1. Don’t bite your nails: Sorry to those who do so, but, maybe this is a great time to quit this particular habit. Turns out there is quite a bit of bacteria underneath those bad boys, even if they’re painted all pretty. Plus, at this point, no one has the defense to say their nails are cleaner than anyone else’s. We’ve already established most of us don’t know how to wash our hands properly.
  2. Avoid getting to close to someone with poor cough etiquette: Not to say that anyone here has this problem, but it’s something to consider in any circumstance. It’s said the most appropriate way to cover your cough is with a tissue. However if you have none in reach, it’s best to cough in your upper sleeve to avoid germs becoming air born or having them all over your hands.
  3. Clean more and Share less: Example: “I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just, no Sharon you cannot share my water bottle today”. This is basically the mentality you need moving forward in the work space. Germs are growing like crazy in the limbo weather where it can’t decide if it’s hot or cold. This is the time to be more selfish than caring. Also if you are experiencing a cold right now, and you’re coughing and sneezing. Take the time to wipe your desk, mouse, maybe some picture frames you might have down. It also can’t hurt to have a small bottle of sanitizer chilling at your desk to use from time to time.
  4. Get Vaccinated: As much as this is a key step to avoid getting sick, there have been arguments made that it does work and it doesn’t work. In the past I’ve spoken to people who were vaccinated that it has worked for and some where they got it and ended up sick regardless. Overall, I leave this open, and is yours to act on at your discretion.

Folks, I hope this finds you well, and you stay bright and healthy through our soon to be cold season!