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How regular reading can benefit your health and happiness

Inessa Radostin

How regular reading can benefit your health and happiness by Inessa Radostin on May 1st, 2019

We live in an age where the delivery of information is so fast, it may as well be wearing a cape and joining a hero league. From the moment we get up to the time we get back into bed we are bombarded by facts, emails, tv shows and anything else that might force its way into our retention. But how has all this visual information benefited us in the long run? Other than glasses coming back into style, this type of data exposure does not have many positive, long term benefits to our health and happiness.

Reading, on the other hand, has proven to provide serious perks to one’s life.

Do you find yourself constantly fighting that infuriating, jagged red line under every word you misspelled? There is nothing quite like the reality of spell check to make you feel like you can barely manage to string sentences together. Daily reading can expand your vocabulary, allowing you to be more effective and articulate in your delivery. Not to mention the ideas that can cultivate based on newly gathered knowledge delivered through a book.

Other than increasing intelligence, regular reading has been proven to increase brain power and memory function. With age, the decline in memory is inescapable but steady reading patterns can help slow the process by keeping the mind sharper. Studies have even proven that activities such as reading offer some protection against Alzheimer’s disease!

Life in the modern age is nothing if not fast and while that can be wonderful for grabbing a latte without waiting on the way to spin class after work before picking up the kids from daycare, it does nothing for our stress levels. The next time you feel yourself needing to unwind, try picking up a book instead of binge watching five seasons of a show. You will be surprised to find out that opening your imagination will not only help calm your nerves but will be effective in promoting longer, uninterrupted sleep.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget the remote and lose that cellphone. Being a bookworm has never felt better!