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How to #flatlay Like a Pro

Cicilia Thamrin

How to #flatlay Like a Pro by Cicilia Thamrin on October 5th, 2018

I’m sure you have seen many amazing flat lay pictures in Instagram and they might seem like someone took a quick snap on items that fell perfectly into place. In reality, they are methodically and beautifully staged. The good news is flat lay is an easy but fun way to tell a story or showcase your product. Here are a few tips on staging a perfect flat lay to promote your page:


Stick to the simple and plain background. You can play with texture and color as well, but remember that it has to complement the product/main focus.

Pick a theme and color palette

This is where you decide what story you want to tell and gather the props you need; anything from ‘what’s in my bag’, ‘travel essentials’, to ‘monday morning’.


Don’t get distracted and end up adding more elements than you should. Focus on key items and start from there. Also don’t be afraid to add layers on your flat lay. If you think it’s not working, don’t hesitate to just start over and play with different layouts.

Text and graphics

If you’re planning on adding text and graphics, make sure you leave extra space to do so in post-production.

Get inspired!

It’s helps to know in advance which direction you will go with your shot! Whether you decide a clean and minimalist, or a busy and colorful with a lot of layers approach, make sure that you do a bit of research beforehand!