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How to Pump Up Team Morale

Jill Tryansky

How to Pump Up Team Morale by Jill Tryansky on March 20th, 2017

There’s nothing more important than keeping the team spirit alive! A happy team works well together, supports each other and makes busy work days fun and efficient.

However, as we become invested in our daily tasks and demanding work days, it’s easy to lose sight of building that team spirit that can in turn, help to refocus and energize a team.

Here are some ways we keep the team spirit alive at ChizComm!

Monday Morning Regroup: Every Monday morning we meet in teams. Yes, we meet to get organized for the week but these regroups also help to start the new week off with fresh perspective and focus. Taking this time to come together emphasizes the team spirit and in turn really helps pump the team up for the week ahead!

Team Appreciation Lunches: Every few weeks we have an appreciation lunch. Sitting down as a team to connect over a few slices of pizza is a nice way to come together as a group and enjoy a meal for all of the hard work put in daily.

Birthday Celebrations: Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday! We celebrate each and every one of our team’s birthdays with a card, cake and birthday serenade! Taking the time to acknowledge a team member on their special day is a great way to add some extra fun to the week.

Celebrating the Wins: We always make sure to celebrate the wins as a company. Coming together to toast or acknowledge the good keeps the team motivated. It’s important to take the wins and celebrate them as a team!

Opportunities to Learn and Grow: We are learning and growing as a team daily. Offering everyone the chance to learn new skills and try new things is another great way to encourage team growth and overall morale.

Providing Positive Feedback: It’s so important to acknowledge when someone is doing a good job. Reward your team with positive feedback whenever deserving. Just saying “great job” goes a long way!


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