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If You Aren’t Listening, You Should Now!

Kristi Beaulieu

If You Aren’t Listening, You Should Now! by Kristi Beaulieu on October 29th, 2018

If you are anything like me and feel you are most productive while listening to background music, television shows or YouTube interviews then I have something just for you! Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular ways to multi-task entertainment and productivity.

With the introduction of Podcast-specific apps created by Apple and Android devices, listening has never been easier. Whether you are interested in true crime, lifestyle, humor or even business – there is something for everyone.

Studies have shown that listening to music, or other background entertainment, can help to relieve negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression. It has also been shown that listening to background sounds that include lyrics or talking may actually help when working on repetitive tasks, and bring relief to routine days.

Podcasts now offer listeners a chance to engage with creators on a more intimate level while becoming a part of their storytelling and narrative.

Image: The Startup

In the marketing world, Podcasts also act as a great tool to know what others are doing in the industry. Now, businesses are using Podcast advertisements more than ever to reach audiences in a new way that we never would have considered before.

Of course my fellow ChizComm collegues are already on the podcast bandwagon, so I got the lowdown on some of the favorites around the office that come highly recommended –

Donna MacNeil – Reply All, TED, Missing Richard Simmons, Serial, Work Life, Bitch Sesh, Start Up

Haley McGean – Arm Chair, Hardcore History

Stephanie Crowley – Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

Shadia Basravi – Radio Lab

Ramona Khan – Homecoming, Stuff You Should Know

Sam Dias – Rune Soup, The Last Podcast on the Left

So… what will you be listening to on your commute home today? Take a browse through some of the Top Podcasts lists of 2018 and see what you’ll find – it may surprise you!