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Leading by Inclusion

Aaron Wade

Leading by Inclusion by Aaron Wade on June 13th, 2017

Starting off your career can be scary.

You’ll have tons of questions and probably a very narrow view on what your role will be. When I took on my first role, I was there to execute PR pitching and help get media coverage for clients. However, I was also included in a lot more. I was exposed to functions like client management, account administration, strategy building and business development.

Being included in these processes at this point in my career allowed me to learn the ins and outs of agency life within a limited time.

When I joined the ChizComm team, this spirit of inclusion existed in a way that I had never experienced before. Everyone worked together on everything! The whole team participated in brainstorming, strategy and building up our clients for success. We all had the chance to see how the digital, social, PR and marketing teams work and what they each do. This gave our whole team a working understanding of the different components of how our accounts operated and how they added value to our clients. This value is core to who we are as a company and is paramount to the success of our team.

Including new staff in different parts of our business is key for them to learn and understand what we do as a whole. Allowing our team to take part in every part of an account, whether it is sitting down with the digital team to review a strategy or meeting with the social team to build better content, furthers their growth in a way that their normal responsibilities cannot do.  This will allow your team to take on new responsibilities because they have been involved in the conversations about what we can do and how that will grow their clients’ businesses. This sets them up for success later in their careers because they have been learning every part of marketing communications since day one.

As a manager, including your team will ensure that you can more effectively execute on behalf of your clients. You’ll take more out of meetings, have more eyes and different opinions on strategies and tactics, and have a team that is willing to do more since they understand more. This will free you up to focus on identifying where you can grow your accounts and improve your team’s workflow.

As a business, this creates your succession plan. The more you teach, the less a staff member has to learn when they get to the next level of their career. You don’t need to worry whether they can understand the idiosyncrasies of the different parts of marketing strategies because they’ve been part of building them since day one. This type of inclusive learning only sets your clients and your business up for success.