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Making A Move For Your Career

Riley Little

Making A Move For Your Career by Riley Little on November 2nd, 2018

I think a lot of us get bogged down by the burden of wanting to progress within a profession by acknowledging that sometimes you’ve peaked at any given place of employment. It can be difficult to fully grasp this as the familiarity of something can instil a sense of comfort – it’s just easier to stick around and gather a paycheque rather than look for more something more meaningful. I know I experienced this during my last chosen profession, and I came to realize that I’d peaked at my small-town gig.


Finally willing to take this in, it was time to make some big decisions that involved moving two hours south to Toronto for a new job. Where else can you find a proper source of income with high growth potential?


The transition wasn’t easy, and I knew that it wouldn’t be before I even began searching for a job. It’s probably not at all surprising to hear for anyone that’s looked, but it’s a lot of work to find the right fit at a new employer before packing up your entire life for a shot at something greater – especially when it’s far from your family – and that’s a large part of why the initial premise of moving on from my old career was a major life decision. But, so far, it’s been well worth the effort.


I’ve been able to take on an entirely new role within the world of marketing and public relations at ChizComm and that’s something of great importance. Not only is this the case for my resume as it grows to encompass more experience, but it also extends much further beyond that. Truthfully, finding a new purpose is revitalizing in a number of ways as I learn and grow closer with my team on a daily basis. There are hardships to be sure, as I’ve adjusted to the way things work in a new environment, but I feel so much more accomplished after a day of work here than I did ever did at my last place of employment.


Where there was once a grind, there’s now a feeling of excitement associated with the premise of building towards a better life. There’s no denying that this is rewarding for a number of reasons, but it only happened because I was willing to make the necessary moves to put myself into a vulnerable (albeit calculated) position.


After all, making a move for your career is really just making a move for yourself.