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No limits on creativity

Daniela Velarde

No limits on creativity by Daniela Velarde on March 29th, 2019

One of the thing I’m most grateful for is the opportunity to come up with DIY hacks to solve our Creative Department needs. We are always finding ways of spicing up our assets, making them look interesting, fun, eye grabbing, etc. We collaborate to make it happen and I am happy to show you a bit of what goes behind the scenes.

Work your shadows.

Recently we had the opportunity to make an ad for the newest release of the hottest Arcades on the market. The challenges were:

  • To think of this asset as the 1st of a series. They need to look like they belong together if we print them side by side
  • Incorporate the iconic characters in a fun, kind of unexpected way.

After a few proposals, chats with our PR peers, we came to the conclusion that shaped shadows would be something interesting to work with.

We started by photographing our stencils and the Arcade on their own:

Then, the raw images went to one of our extraordinary associates, Adeline Salvador, for composing and color correction.

After revisions, we delivered the final ad.

The process might sound simple, but it takes effective communication, collaboration, and the willingness to challenge ourselves to keep learning from others expertise to be able to deliver results we are proud of.

Certainly, there are no limits on creativity when your mindset is on the right place.



*Example images are property of Chizcomm

Header Image: Luca Dugaro