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Pitbull, Riverdale, Cactus and Cactus – Happy Chiz-O-Ween!

Stephanie Costabile

Pitbull, Riverdale, Cactus and Cactus – Happy Chiz-O-Ween! by Stephanie Costabile on November 2nd, 2017

No one is ever too old to celebrate holidays like Halloween. Luckily, ChizComm is an environment that embraces the ‘young at heart.’

This year’s Halloween was filled with costume contests, Halloween trivia games and of course, trick-or-treating.

Our Halloween morning in the office started off with delicious cavities, I mean, baked goods! Pot-luck-style treats filled our office. Most of them were home made – which means they were healthy, right?

Leave it to the ChizComm team to be creative and take Halloween costumes to another level. Most popular idea this year was being each other! A handful of us actually dressed up as our coworkers! One even took home the title of “Funniest Costume” because of its accuracy.

Another popular choice – the cactus. Don’t get too close to Dorian or Sabrina!

We also had some celebrities in the office, like Pitbull and the cast of Riverdale.

Our social committee made sure to organize the trick-or-treating session, so us big kids could relive our youth, and still knock on doors and take home little pieces of candy and chocolate.

When work life is very go-go-go, you can’t forget to celebrate the small things and enjoy your office friends! We are all very focussed on WORK HARD, and the role of our social committee is to make sure we stay on track with the PLAY HARD part of the bargain.

I hope everyone else had the chance to celebrate the fun of Halloween!