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justin walls

Press Promote by justin walls on November 3rd, 2017

As apps are ever changing and updating with new features, some to advance business, others to improve engagement, one new feature in mind has finally come to Instagram. Though this didn’t come as much a surprise to me, since I am someone who still manually updates my apps and reads their purpose, this feature stood out because it’s something I feel most users will use in future. Once set up as a business profile, Instagram has always allowed you to promote and link to a website or target a specific audience. Now, Instagram has expanded its options for users to promote audiences directly to their own Instagram profile.

Now, if you know me you know that I am slightly more biased towards Instagram opposed to other social platforms because I find it more successful in terms of social benefits for example, traffic and user engagement. Essentially, Instagram has been nothing but good to me, so I will return the favour. With similar functions, this new feature still provides users with impressions, engagements, and audience’s age and location, but also details profile clicks and compares both promoted and original insights. Just to get an idea on the numbers and provide further insight myself, I decided to run an $3 ad campaign with Instagram’s suggested audience and the results look as follows.

Promoted Insights (on a $3 budget)

  • Profile Clicks – 75
  • Impressions – 632
  • Engagement – 63
  • Reach – 589

Personally, promoting is always a pro. It increases your social presence, enhances your performance – which improves your credibility, and builds your audience. With Instagram’s new algorithm, ads, users and posts that are predicted to be most relevant to the users’ engagement habits and interests are going to be the ones that appears at the top of their feed. If anything listed above is of interest to you and you want to up your Insta game, this will definitely benefit you, and provides the flexibility to target different audiences and work within your budget. Therefore, this new feature not only allows users to become their own commodity but also get in front of an audience that is highly relevant and most likely to engage.