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Project Management: The Basics

Project Management: The Basics by Dennis Amoakohene on September 1st, 2017

ChizComm is a company all about change. Whether it’s managing the influx of new staff and new services provided, or working with new clients to deliver the best results, ChizComm is on top of it. As companies grow and change, Project Management becomes even more critical to company success.

Project Management is all about organizing and managing change in the most efficient way possible. As Senior Project Coordinator at ChizComm, it’s my job to ensure everyone is able to execute projects in effective and timely manner. To help ChizComm have even more success, I adhere to the 5 main phases of project management in order to make sure each project is executed successfully.



The first phase is initiation. This is where we begin to discuss and brainstorm concepts and ideas that go into projects for our clients. This is often the most creative part of the process as many different ideas and concepts are being tossed around by our team to ensure we deliver the best possible product for our clients. My job throughout this process is to make sure everyone ends up united around a final consensus that works for our team and the client.


Since everyone is on the same page, it’s time to start planning and turning the concept into a reality and it’s time to get organized. For each client and brand, we come together as a team to figure out the most effective way to execute the ask of the client. My role is to draw out the roadmap to completion of the clients ask, including scope of the client request, the time and scheduling for completion as well as costs and other related activities


Now it’s time to execute! After all that conceptualizing and planning, the project is finally going to start coming together. Using the roadmap, plans and other tools and resources, we work to complete the product for the client within time constraints and quality standards. At this period of the project, I provide material support such as managing schedules and project schedules to help to wrangle resources in order to help the complete the project.


The fourth phase is Monitoring and Controlling. Here, it is my responsibility to watch timelines and monitor schedules. This way, if there is any need for adjustments in completion time or additional resources needed to complete the product, I can organize it most efficiently and ensure everyone is updated and the project continues to be executed.


And it’s closing time! Here, the team anxiously waits for final approval as the whether or not the client is satisfied with the product. If the answer is yes, we mark the project as completed and move on. If some edits need to be made, we simply adjust the timeline for the edits until the client approves the final product.


While these are just some of the basics, this is only a part of the work that goes into ensuring our clients receive the best service and final product possible. ChizComm is committed to customer satisfaction and I am extremely proud to be a part of a team that is committed to being the best of its class in the marketing industry.

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