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Ready, Set, Gobble Gobble

Harold Chizick

Ready, Set, Gobble Gobble by Harold Chizick on November 23rd, 2017

The sound of the turkey for most is the signal of a year winding down and the start of the holiday season. As we enter the most festive time of year, there’s extra pep in people’s steps and thoughts of peace, happiness and joyous celebrations within homes and communities around the world.

For those of us in the toy business, the sound of the turkey is the flare that lets us know our marathon is coming to and end. After a years worth of planning and strategizing it’s time to make the sprint to the finish line, where the sound of cash registers dinging, wrapping paper crumpling and toys opening is music to the ears for some, while the collection of dust on boxes means disaster for others

Black Friday’s name stems from it being the marker in the road when retailers cross the line from being in the red zone to the black zone as they see profits for the first time all year, and marks the kickoff to the holiday shopping season. Here at ChizComm, we’re looking at our metrics and checking them twice to be sure our campaigns are firing on all cylinders as we move plans into execution mode. With every piece of data we’re constantly maximizing efficiency and leveraging opportunities so our clients outsell their competitors, keep the dust off boxes and are able to enjoy a well deserved, relaxing end of year.

ChizComm is also hunkering down from a customer service standpoint and getting ready for the big day, when children from around the world open the gifts they’ve been waiting for all year. Customer service is the great balancer between a company and the consumer to keep everyone happy and in the spirit of joy and celebrating the good times with family and friends.

Our social media and customer service teams are preparing to be the first line of defence when batteries are not included, instructions are hard to follow or in the rare case, the product is not working. We have teams working around the clock so we can respond in real time to customers who no longer reach out and call 1-800 numbers or info@company.com email addresses, but turn to social media instead and are looking for immediate responsiveness.

Representing our clients to the consumer at this time is one of the greatest responsibilities we have.

Customers are taking to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to bring forward their questions and concerns in real time, expecting real time answers. They are no longer satisfied with being put on hold or being given a number, and are looking to hear from somebody who has compassion and understands their needs at a time when their biggest concern is not to disappoint a child, and we align with those values.

With the sound of the turkey comes ChizComm’s most busy time, but the pep is our step is still very much alive. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is what this company thrives on, and we will never forget to be thankful for having amazing clients and working with incredible people who make this chaotic time such a joy and a pleasure.