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Reasons Why a Pull Strategy is the Future

Kean Ong

Reasons Why a Pull Strategy is the Future by Kean Ong on November 8th, 2018

In a world where technology is continuously evolving companies need to adapt and take next steps for future growth.

Some questions that are asked, is my product going to be relevant next year? Are my marketing mix refined to the point where we can keep increasing growth? Are there any trends that are monumental in integrating it into a campaign to drive awareness?


In a situation where a company is already successful most likely they would have a solid fundamental of a good product, price and distribution/place.

Promotion is one of the key indicators that would show whether or not a company will grow exponentially. It is even more important from the fact that consumers have an extremely short attention span. It is essential to capture those moments where they do notice and instantly be led to a purchase.

The problem with promotion is that there is an unlimited amount of ways to effectively reach a target audience all the way from traditional advertising to digital advertising and everything else in between. That is what makes it so confusing for many companies in determining the “right” way to get their audience to buy their product/service.

Many believe that authenticity will pave the way in the best practises of promoting effectively in 2019.


Advertisements are literally everywhere and being shoved right to our faces. There is so much clutter that whenever people encounter advertisements they are trained instinctively to ignore. This is a disadvantage plaguing promotional efforts but with the correct strategies it can be turned into an advantage.

This is why a pull strategy is a rising trend that companies need to take advantage. Consumers hate it when they are being fed advertisements but when it satisfies their specific needs. They will not hesitate to do lots of research and chase the product ultimately leading to a sale.

Through an authentic message that doesn’t force consumers to purchase the product. It will get the community talking about the message in a casual way that keeps the brand top of mind when the need arises.


The most impactful way to deliver an authentic message that uses a pull strategy for the years to come is through an influencer.

There are different kinds of influencers from social media, celebrity, family, friends, and more. It really depends on the target audience the company wants to reach. This year and the next years, word-of-mouth marketing is the closest strategy to what all companies strive for in making their brand go “viral”.

It is statistically proven that when a trusted individual recommends a product to other people, they are almost guaranteed to purchase the product only on the basis of what the person has said. There are a large number of examples that use this strategy to create the most successful campaigns.

In delivering an authentic and consistent message that resonates with an audience. The community will start talking about it and it won’t take long for people to gather around a relevant cause. Be prepared for 2019 in promoting the most effective campaigns.