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Reasons why you should never let go of your inner child

Carla Silvestrone

Reasons why you should never let go of your inner child by Carla Silvestrone on August 3rd, 2018

After watching the film ‘Tag’, I was inspired by the idea of holding on to your inner child. Now, for those of you reading who think I’m about to ruin the movie for you, you’re absolutely correct… just kidding. I promise no spoilers here. But the idea is this – it is inevitable that we will all grow older in age, but do we really have to “grow up”? Does it have to be THAT serious? I don’t think so, and here’s why…

1. Trying new things

Kids are not afraid to try new things and its simply because of the social aspect of it. We are so afraid as adults to stand out because it may not be what’s expected of us. Where this idea even came from I have no idea, but it’s bizarre. We shouldn’t hesitate to do what we want because of a made-up fear. Kids are fearless and it’s admirable. If we were less focused on being different, we would be able to do what we love instead of doing things because “I’m supposed to”.

2. Believing anything is possible

“The sky is the limit” or that even more cheesy saying “If you dream it, you believe it, then you can achieve it”. Kids are filled with so much hope and optimism that even when things go wrong, they know how to pick themselves up and try again. This is so crucial in later years as life hits you pretty hard sometimes. It is always better to look at the silver lining rather than dwell on things. Kids don’t dwell and neither should we!

3. Lowers stress levels

Believe it or not, honoring your inner child will lower stress levels. According to science… okay, this is my own theory…Anyways, it will allow you to destress because you’ll laugh more and forget for a brief moment that you have multiple deadlines approaching. Also, I believe it can calm you down and clear your head so that you can actually get those tasks done by your deadline. Realistically, taking necessary breaks in between your work will give your brain a rest and give you the creative freedom to get back to it.

FUN TIP: You’ll sleep better as well because you’ll be more relaxed.

4. Promotes a positive perspective

Your inner child will always show you different perspectives on life. You’ll be able to take a step back and realize that it will be okay. No matter how much you have to do, how stressful life is getting, how much coffee you need to get through a Monday… Everything will be OKAY! Kids never stress. They play, they run, they know they’re going to be okay. We need to do that more.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to embrace your inner child too. The benefits are nothing but positive. If you’re interested in knowing a little bit about the actual story behind Tag, here is the original Wall Street Journal article about the group of friends who played tag for over 20 years. It is a really good read and I recommend watching the movie as well!


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