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Sassy or Sweet? The Twitter Accounts That Have Grabbed Our Attention

These days it’s pretty hard to avoid seeing some of our favorite brands on social media. Whether you are spending your days managing social media content for a client, responding to customer comments or even scrolling through your own NewsFeed, online customer service has become a vital part of customer interaction. But what makes one social media account stick out among the many? We found some social accounts that definitely made us look twice.

It’s the small things we love the most. Just like when Starbucks responds to customers with sweet responses featuring smiley faces, happy birthday messages and directions on how to find the help they need. And it doesn’t just stop at Twitter – Starbucks has a great reputation for sharing and appreciating content found on Instagram from dedicated customers. Sincerity, dedication and timely responses go a long way and Starbucks is proof of that. They’ve brought the online barista to life.

If you haven’t already heard, Wendy’s is pretty much showing all of us how to be the sassiest hamburger Queen on Twitter and we’re loving every minute of it! Whether it’s starting beef with McDonalds over fresh vs. frozen or responding to silly questions from customers, Wendy is telling the world exactly what they need to hear. No, Wendy’s Twitter might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have managed to reinvent their spokesperson with a new modern voice.

Need a little pick me up before a big presentation? Well Staples might have you covered. Not only do they have a team of individuals who respond with their own initials to know real people are answering your concerns, but they also reach out to users on Twitter that aren’t necessarily reaching out to them at all. And on top of that they post The Office GIFS. An office supply company posting GIFs from the hilarious sitcom The Office, how does it get any better?

Now if you are finding you need a mid-day pick me up, take a look at some of these Twitter pages for a good laugh or some inspiration.

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