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SMALL BUT MIGHTY: How small to medium brands can build trust in the marketplace.

An ideal brand will be picked up by top media agencies, have influencers raving and social media ratings shoot through the roof. Big brands have big teams and enviable budgets to help make that happen. So, how can small and medium sized operators with niche markets cut through all the noise and connect with an audience of consumers who may already be overwhelmed by all sorts of messaging?


Quality over quantity.

With limited resources, it’s best to focus efforts on highly targeted campaigns that aim specifically at segments of the market that will champion the growth of the brand. The best way to do this is by identifying a cross-section of the market that is most likely to respond positively to brand campaigns. Then focus on making meaningful advertising that can help illustrate why your brand would make their life better.

Meaningful and useful.

Consumers are exposed to as many as 4,000 ads a day. Oversaturation means the power of a message can be lost in the messaging. But when brand masters tell a passionate story that creates purpose and meaning, people will begin to care and listen. When YOU love your brand, you can help others to love it too. And there is no better way to spread a message.

Trial and Error.

One of the advantages of a smaller company is the ability to experiment with multiple strategies in micro markets to see what sticks. If a strategy looks like it won’t work, just step back, pivot and restart in a new direction without repeating the errors of the previous attempt.

Focus on the PRODUCT

No matter the marketing strategy, if the product is weak, a good agency or marketer will help identify the problems and offer solutions to strengthen the marketability of the product. It could be something superficial like packaging. Or it could be developing a product extension such as an accessories line. Identifying core issues at the source can make a big difference in the success of a marketing campaign. This can also help exponentially in making a product resonate with people who would use it.

After all, the idea is not to convince consumers to consume but to match the right product with the right person and let the magic happen.


By Shadia Basravi