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Take a break from your work and think about the little things.

It may not be everyone’s favorite cup of coffee, but to say that Tim Horton’s coffee isn’t a staple within Canadian culture, would be the same as saying The Tragically Hip isn’t Canada’s alternative rock anthem. Actually, if you went around asking Canadians what the phrase double-double meant, it’s more than likely they will say that’s a Tim Hortons reference with a grin.

Despite this specific mug being stolen from a local Tim Hortons coffee shop back when I was maybe 10 years old, to this day after a couple hundred or more washes the logo still remains with little to no decay. Quality mug for a quality brand. Although I’m unsure how the mugs of today would last, perhaps not as well as they once did. Aside from that, this mug represents to me the years of drinking Timmie’s coffees.

When I think Tim Hortons I think Canada, and I think hockey. For one reason, it’s because Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest coffee shop chain and it was named after Tim Horton, a Canadian hockey legend who played for the Leafs. The second reason being I grew up in Canada and played hockey for 9 years. From when I was a boy who played hockey, seeing almost everyone in the stands with a cup, parents, and coaches no matter how long ago it has been since I played, those memories remain and always will.


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