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Teamwork and the Power of Collaboration

Eric Butler

Teamwork and the Power of Collaboration by Eric Butler on March 17th, 2017

The modern working world is unbelievably busy and with all the streamlined conveniences of computers, e-mail and the internet, workflow has increased in a way we have never seen before. A busy day at work, however, is a sign of success and should be celebrated.

Although it’s great to be busy, if you are like me then maybe you have found yourself sometimes wondering, “Is there a faster way I can do this? Would more detail on this project provide a better end result for the client? How can I better utilize the resources I have around me?” The answer to sorting out most of these tough questions is found in collaboration.

I’m lucky because I work with a group of unbelievably smart and talented people. The benefit of working on such an impressive team is that when challenges are encountered you can take a minute to put a plan of action together to get things done while improving the end result for the client.

Sometimes, putting one of these small plans of action in place can be as simple as reaching across one of the silos of the business to ask for an opinion from a talented colleague who you trust. Including a fresh set of eyes which were not part of the initial planning can really help to widen your frame of reference to understand the bigger picture. The end result will usually be a better outcome for your client.

Collaboration is a powerful tool and it can have a major impact on you, your team and the client. In order to properly collaborate though, you need to understand the group with whom you work.

“Collaboration only comes about through shared values. It’s like DNA,” said Harold Chizick, President and CEO of ChizComm. “Once overlapping values are recognized and communicated, then collaboration can come to fruition.”

The core values at ChizComm center around:

1) Helping others

2) Fun! Really enjoying what you do

3) Customer service

Core values help to guide our actions and dictate the way we relate to the people around us. The real to key collaboration, however, is to pay it forward when one of your colleague comes to you seeking your trusted advice.

Let’s collaborate soon!


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