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The A- Z of Visual Ideas

Margarita Castro

The A- Z of Visual Ideas by Margarita Castro on May 16th, 2018

When browsing through images and social media all day, sometimes a good reading really helps my mind take a bit of a rest. A couple of weeks ago I came across an interesting book about creativity and making inspiration happen; The A-Z of Visual ideas by John Ingledew.  

Sometimes the best ideas are the result of simplicity. A couple of sentences or keywords can bring a lot more to mind than chapters and chapters of big paragraphs. Here is a few of them that really caught my interest and may be helpful to you in one of those days when we need some inspiration:

Creativity means playing

Get out of your comfort zone! As a child would think anything is possible, don’t discard ideas so fast. And try to make the best out of them! What would be entertaining, fun or simply just silly? Relax and have fun for a minute, ideas will come your way.

It’s all about the feeling

Growing I had many toys or games I could play around with. I can remember a few of them but more importantly I remember how I felt when I was playing with them. And that is the feeling you want your audience to experience. What are the nicest memories you have and how did those make you feel?  Finally, and most importantly, how can you share that same feeling through your work for others to see? 

Every mind has its own brilliance

Feeling overwhelmed or out of ideas? Take a break and talk to people around you. Hang out with people who you don’t necessarily work with. Everybody has their own creativity believe it or not. From painters to lawyers, everybody has their own particular way of seeing things and solving problems. Sometimes the best ideas are where you least expect them to be. 

And more importantly, don’t forget there’s 26 letters in the alphabet to choose from. There are plenty of choices out there.