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The Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Killer Blog – From a PR Perspective

As PR professionals, my colleagues and I spend a great deal of time looking at blogs. Every day we comb through copious amounts of blogs trying to find the perfect influencers to partner with our clients’ product. A blog is often the first impression of your brand so it’s imperative that it be cohesive and well laid out.

Building a successful and branded blog takes hard work, but the end results that come from having a functioning, uniquely branded website are worth it. From a PR standpoint there are certain do’s and don’ts to creating a blog that will make us either stay and look around or click ‘ctrl L’ and enter the next blog’s address.


– Have an overall voice and brand, and make sure you stick to it. When targeting influencers, we will look at previous reviews that have been posted to your blog. We look for a cohesive voice that fits well with the product we’re pitching. If a blogger reviews everything from tools and cars to stuffed animals and playhouses – we may be hesitant to reach out as the audience you have may not be our perfect target.

– If your blog is linked to social media, make sure you have the links to your pages visible and easily accessible. Social media is a huge aspect of brand essence, and a great way to see your audience demographic. After browsing through a blog, the next step is typically to look at the social media pages. Having them easily accessible is a big bonus!

– Have a “Contact Me” page. After looking through your blog, we love to reach out and see how we will be able to work together. Without a clear “Contact Me” section that includes an email, it is often unclear how and where we should contact you.


– Don’t forget the date. When posting a review always be sure to include the date it was posted on. This helps us see how consistently you are posting to your website and if you have posted something similar to our own product recently.

– Don’t make your blog too jumbled. Have a clear layout with different sections to keep your posts organized. They can be as simple as Home, About, Contact Me, Reviews, etc. This way we know exactly where to look to get the information we need.


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