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The future of storytelling is digital

Margarita Castro

The future of storytelling is digital by Margarita Castro on October 24th, 2018

Technology today is opening new ways of creating visually compelling ways of communication and entertainment. In just a few years, the use of virtual reality technology has allowed stories to be more fluid and creating immersions that resemble fantastic dreams. Needless to say, Virtual Reality has turned storytelling into more of a world-building activity than just a sequence of events to follow on a script. Stories can now become digital worlds than can offer mesmerizing and vivid experiences.


But how can we use these experiences to create amazing stories?  VR is going beyond anything you could imagine in the physical world. But one of the main reasons they can be so impactful is the intimate level in which it can reach an individual. Every storyline requires a focus or a main objective. This means stating clearly what is the main purpose of the experience and set an environment that encourages the individual to be curious and explore. Becoming the very hero of your own story creates this sense of intimacy and empathy towards a series of different events.

With amazing technologies such as these ones, it makes me wonder what the future of entertainment, communication and advertising will be in the next few years. Without a doubt, there are lots of possibilities, lots of stories yet to be told and lots of genres yet to be explored. Always keeping in mind to be curious, creative and to forget about limitations.