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The importance of sharing knowledge and skills with your colleagues

Learning is a lifelong process that we all go through. It is a need that drives us to work together by communicating, sharing our skills, as well as coaching each other. As a creative, I look forward to every chance I get to share my skills and to learn from my fellow creative colleagues.

Our team at ChizComm is a dynamic group of individuals with talent that covers the full spectrum. I have gained so much by learning from each and every one of them. From when I first started as an associate to now as a senior associate, here are three examples of why I love to help with and pick the brains of my colleagues while on-the-job!

1. Professional Growth
This may seem obvious to some of us however when taking an opportunity to teach, it also gives us a chance to learn about ourselves in return. When engaged in effective teaching methods, it establishes an improved performance over time. This also gives you the ability to showcase your own leadership as many of us have done! I do not think I could have grown as much over the past year without the support of my teammates.

2. Cross Training
By helping to train members of our team, we also prevent client deliverables from falling by the wayside. Ensuring that we each have interchangeable skills allows us the comfort of knowing that someone will be able to step up should we need help. As a creative, we each have our own flair. As long as there is the trust involved, there is no reason one of your co-workers cannot step up to help with tight deadlines.

3. Enhanced Group Brainstorming
Brainstorming is the foundation of great ideas. This is where we give ourselves the chance to learn something new by expressing our shared knowledge, ideas and skills on projects which require our undivided attention. When two or more people with different skills and experiences meet, better ideas and solutions are generated. This is the key to ensuring clients expectations are not only met but exceeded!

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