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The Keys to the Kingdom

Genesis Falcon

The Keys to the Kingdom by Genesis Falcon on June 16th, 2017

6 types of posts you should be doing on social media

Have you ever asked yourself how can social media influence your business and how can I make it appealing to my audience? Well, if you have it is your lucky day!

I am here to give you all the details on how to make your social platforms exciting and fun, while staying on brand. Here are six types of content you should be posting.

     1. Educational Content:

Remember your brand is much more than just your products or your services, so it is important that you are sharing content that educates your audience about topics that are related to your industry and your brand. For example, company blog posts, event posts that you are attending or attended, informative articles and recurring weekly posts about one topic in specific.

     2. Visual Content:

I am very visual person, so I cannot stress enough how important good visual content is in social media. Think about it the Instagram accounts you follow and the ones you just scroll down and do not catch your eye. Having great visual assets and sharing engaging visuals is essential. For example, share images with a quotes, YouTube videos, create some fun infographics about your products or the industry you are part of, share and repost user generated content, branded images and GIFs that make your products or services more exciting.

     3. Interactive Posts:

It is all about the call-to-action; think of it as being in summer camp and having to play games. Your followers want to be included and interact with your brand in any way, so create weekly or biweekly posts that have that interactive portion. For example, ask questions, create contests and giveaways in which they have to share, tag, or comment, and include “this or that” games where the audience is part of it and there is a winner.

     4. Light Content:

As much as you want to promote your brand, it is also important to keep your content fun and light. For example, include jokes and catchy puns into your copy, region-specific holidays, fictional holidays and contribute to trends and hashtags that are trending.

     5. Humanizing Content:

Getting your audience to learn about your brand also means letting them now more about your company. For example, share photos of the staff at an event for a behind-the-scenes look, post team activities and throwback Thursday photos of an event your company head, such as a team lunch or a company anniversary event.

     6. Publicity Posts:

Publicity posts are a great way to get your audience exciting about the brand. Share sneak peeks of new products, partner with influencers, create promo codes and announce it on social media.

Social media takes time and there is no set formula to make it work, but content is key if you want your brand to appeal to your audience. Do not be afraid to mix and match these 6 types of social media posts into your social calendars.


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