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The Right Way to Lead

Daniela Cabrera

The Right Way to Lead by Daniela Cabrera on April 13th, 2018

Living in this fast paced era makes it difficult sometimes to find truly inspiration in our day-to-day. Everyone is focused on their own things and living on a routine.


Some are happy and willing to keep their status quo as is, some don’t care and other some, are really hoping to achieve more in life. But how can we find that inspiration to grow? Our leaders, meaning our managers, our bosses, those who have an impact in our life; take a good part in that.


When tough times come around, especially in work spaces, is when you can clearly see the authentic leadership in people. How stressful situations, like economic crisis, are handled by the ones in charge, speaks a lot about their leadership abilities.


If a company has strong leaders, they will make the hard decisions from core values of integration and thoughtfulness of all the team members, because they don’t look at them like “human resources”, they look at them as their strongest and most important assets.


When times of struggle, a leader should make his team members feel safe and count on them, because when an employee feels needed, it’s when they usually engage more with the company and give their best to help.


Use all the methods available: meetings, town halls, surveys, focus groups, conference calls; so everyone can brainstorm and give their part to the process. Make joint decisions and action plans. Then, communicate. Don’t let people create rumors and spread them, go with the truth, be transparent. Honesty will always be a great rewarded value.


Naturally, people will have questions, a lot, and it’s your responsibility, as a leader, to give accurate answers that will help clarify them. Remember, there is no dumb question.


Lead your team as you would like them to be as professionals:

–       Express positivity: there is a bright side on any issue in life. Find it! Show it! Make your team believe it.

–       Be grateful: don’t let people feel their efforts go unnoticed. Appreciate any idea that comes your way and try to make it work. Show your team that they matter to you.

–       Visualize the future: every problem, no matter how big it is, has a solution. Imagine the future, after the issue. Remember the good times and work on going back to them. Show others how to get there too, make them join you.

–       Listen: leave your door open, even if it is for questions, ideas or bad comments. Listen to what people have to say. Let everyone participate and feel that you are reachable, that they can talk to you.

–       Be passionate: this is your business, this is your company. Make everyone on board feel the same. Let the employees know why they work matter, how each of them is contributing to success.


Great leaders understand the high importance of a heartfelt gesture, no matter how insignificant it might appear.


Managing a team can be difficult, and being a leader takes a lot of courage. But the rewards after the hard work is done, are incredibly satisfying.