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Three Tips on How to Make the Most out of Earned Media Coverage

Gaining media coverage after pitching to influencers is not a one step process for building awareness and trust for your company, product or service. Without a doubt, taking that coverage and maximizing its visibility through internal resources is a smart way to stand out in a crowd of competitors.

You must be wondering what internal resources to use to help increase your visibility in the vast media coverage landscape. I’m here to tell you not to worry because it can be simple! No one wants to lose out on maximizing exposure – especially when it takes time to see the impact of your PR campaign. Whether you want to share this news with clients or customers, here are ways to amplify your earned media coverage:

Social Media
Simply sharing a link to an article isn’t enough. Social media is a great way to entice conversation and increase engagement, so be sure to ask your audience a question that directly relates to the article. Also, take advantage of hashtags and be sure to tag media outlets. This will garner more attention from the journalist, media outlet and their readers. Don’t forget to measure the success of shared media coverage with social media platform analytics to track metrics.

Share the coverage on your website to establish credibility and increase your website’s SEO. Whether you decide to do this through the website’s blog or by simply dedicating a section that includes media logos of outlets you’ve been featured in, be sure to publicize your coverage through this medium. If you share the coverage on your blog, ensure that you write a few sentences on the piece, include an image and a link to the article, and reference the publication.

Email Newsletter
Be sure to mention the coverage in your newsletter so that your internal audience is aware of the media hits. Especially if you’re a company that sends newsletters to clients or customers – this will help promote your company’s image and capabilities.

Take advantage of these resources to expand the audience reach of your media coverage. It’s an effective way to build your company’s reputation while positioning yourself as an expert in the field!


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