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Tips on How to Measure your PR Results

Vanita Thind

Tips on How to Measure your PR Results by Vanita Thind on August 4th, 2017

Some potential or current clients might ask how effective PR is and if there is a ROI. Measuring your PR efforts is more difficult because of consistency.

Regardless, PR should not be undermined simply because it is difficult to measure. Whether your objective is to build brand awareness or launch a product/service, your report should include data that is easily digestible for your client. In addition, a report is a tool that helps with understanding which aspects of your campaign were successful, what can improve and other key learnings. This may seem meticulous but once you develop a detailed and comprehensive report for a client the first time it becomes part of your routine and is easier to do. Below are some tips on how to report PR campaign results:

Cost per Impression
Measurement is a key part of demonstrating the value of a project we develop and execute for clients. Usually, the return on investment is defined by calculating the cost per impression. This helps PR professionals assess the effectiveness of a PR campaign. When your client receives a high amount of press coverage for a low cost, this is an indicator that your campaign is gaining publicity. This formula essentially tells us the cost per 1,000 impressions.

Content Analysis
Clients will always want to know the quality of the coverage and if key messages are being shared. Quantity does not supersede quality so it essential to thoroughly read each article to determine if key messages are mentioned, the overall tone of the article and to include this information in your report.


Website Traffic
Recording the results of your client’s website traffic prior to and after the PR campaign launch is an efficient way to see if there is a spike in traffic. It is essential to include the hyperlink to your website in all press materials so journalists and influencers can include it in coverage.


Social Media Metrics
An increase in social media engagement and mentions are efficient ways to measure the effectiveness of your PR campaign. The beautiful thing about social media is that you can specifically measure your campaign from beginning to end. For example, if a product launch is accompanied with a clicks to website ad on Facebook you can measure the amount of consumers directed to the client’s website or a retailer.


In the end, measuring PR results is essential in any industry. It helps with providing measurable results on how a campaign performed and paves the way to improve results for future campaigns. When completed, you can review your report and respond to the question “did it work?”


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