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Tools and Programs to Help Your Designers Become 21st Century Wizards

When it comes to having a design team at your disposal they can be one of the best assets at your disposal for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s creating a showy presentation, custom graphics or a rocking, action packed video, your design team can create some magical stuff and it’s always helpful to provide them with the tools to do their best work. In an industry constantly changing with new programs and technology it’s hard to discover which tools work best for your team. Here are a few suggestions/recommendations to help your creative/design team do their best work.



Adobe Creative Edit Suite:

Every best design/video/graphic program in one bundle, what more could a designer ask for? Users who purchase the full creative package receive access to a variety of programs that include; photoshoot, video editing, illustration, page design, web design and motion graphics. You can purchase memberships to each of these programs on an individual basis, or the entire suite. In addition to a range of programs adobe also offers memberships to stock photo accounts where designers have access to a multitude of royalty free images and graphics for their work.


If Adobe Creative Edit Suite sounds too expensive or simply too much for a small team, a recent program to the market and brilliant alternative is Affinity creative software. Modeled after Adobe with a heavy focus on graphic design, Affinity packages Photoshop, and In-design/Illustrator like programs that provide designers with a seamless workflow and single file formats to work with. Affinity’s biggest draw is the offer that it offers a single lifetime membership for approximately $50.00! What a bargain! Side note, Affinity Photo also received the Apple 2015 Design Award.


Only the most proficient 3D-motion graphics artists need investigate this one but if someone on your design team is keen this program can work wonders.


Drawing/Illustration Tablet:

If an artist’s paintbrush is the instrument of their creativity, then a designer’s instrument has to be their illustration tablet. Products such as the Wacom tablet allow creative designers to freely illustrate and design just as a sketch artists or painter. Trackpads and computer mice tend to be clumsy and stick when trying to illustrate; modern illustration tablets solve that issue speeding up creation time and improving quality.


When it comes to photography and video production, lighting is key. Fixing lighting issues and post production can be a real headache and time consumer for your design team, not to mention the quality can’t even come close. A simple 3-point lighting kit is the best solution to lighting woes (back, key and fill light every production artists should know). Getting down to the nitty gritty with hard and soft lighting kits is the next step to hit your next production shoot out of the park It’s simple, cost efficient and will save your team hours in the post production office!



Essential Extras

While you can never have enough tools to make your design team the media wizards of the 21st century it’s important to have the essentials at your disposal. That means good cameras for both, video and photography, tripods and sliders for proper shooting and props/backgrounds to shoot with so all your media creations are creative and original. If you find your missing anything it’s nothing a quick trip to Henry’s can’t solve.