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Top 3 Useful YouTube Tips and Tricks that should NOT be overlooked

YouTube is truly a modern internet marvel. Whether you’re learning, teaching, or there purely for entertainment, you can be sure there are a billion other views taking place that same day.

Significantly improve your search results by uploading your own transcript

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, one question you’ve probably asked is “How do I organically get my content and channels the most views possible?” YouTube has a very nifty feature of allowing you to upload your videos transcript to SIGNIFICANTLY improve how people find your video via search.

Outside of the basic optimizing of channel keywords, video title, video description, etc… submitting a video transcript is something that should NOT be overlooked.

This commonly neglected piece of YouTube SEO has 2 functioning benefits:

  1. You’re opening up to a MASSIVE network of users who have hearing impairments and/or speak a different language. Views people…. VIEWS!
  2. Just like website SEO, YouTube SEO functions similarly. Your transcripts (like webpages) get crawled, and thus, significantly improve your search results on AND off YouTube.

Watch this instructional video of how to submit your videos written transcript to YouTube.

Live stream videos to YouTube

Live streaming. We’ve all heard of it, but let me simplify: LARGE AUDIENCES + EARLY GROWTH STAGE. Though live streaming has now been around for a number of years, traction has just started gaining amongst the larger content creating community.

As mentioned in a report found on Research and Markets: “The Global Video Streaming Market Will Grow from USD 30.29 Billion in 2016 to USD 70.05 Billion by 2021”. Take that as you will, but in any case, live streaming is something that should NOT be overlooked.

We’ve all heard of Twitter’s Periscope, or Instagram Live, even Facebook Live. However, the YouTube live feature has only recently become more streamlined. What this means is that it is now FAR LESS challenging to go live. Watch this video below to get a better idea of how to set up a live event or go live right from your Webcam.

Use Google Trends to explore popular YouTube search terms

This one is a rather hidden feature not many know about, yet is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to get a better grasp on how certain search queries are performing over time. This of course gives you major benefits when choosing which keywords to target for your YouTube content.

Luckily, Google owns YouTube, and thus have created useful integrated tools. Users can easily access these features by going to Google Trends, and simply selecting YouTube Search, as oppose to the default Web Search option.

Simply, change this option to YouTube Search, and begin you Market Research!