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TOP 5 Marketing ideas that will make the world a better place

Digital Media substantially transformed the ways we market and consume products. Traditional commercials and magazine ads, which were the biggest focus in marketing a decade ago, left the space for something more fundamental. The growing trend of more ethical and sustainable consumerism combined with unprecedented brand transparency driven by Social Media and e-commerce, forced business to think of solutions that make our world a better place. It’s not enough anymore to donate a symbolic amount from an oil company’s income to environmental organizations. People have changed, and the world has changed. If your brand does not explain how it makes the world a better place, its story will very soon become history.

Here is my list of the 2017 TOP 5 outstanding marketing ideas, that drive sustainability and bring profitability.

1. It does not matter what color you are. We all are the same inside anyway

Ali Cola, a company launched by a German politician, has tricked the eye with a symbolic product, by offering a carbonated drink in six different colors. It does not matter what color you pick; the beverage tastes the same. A representation that visual doesn’t translate to flavor. Genius idea. Prost, Germany!

2. Do you want to know the number of harmful toxins that will end up on your skin?

We know naturally-sourced cosmetics is just as important as healthy food. But how often do we check the ingredients in our favorite deodorant? Clean Beauty, a new app developed by the French organic beauty brand Officinea, provides info about any cosmetic product you use. The app captures a photo of a list of ingredients contained in your beauty or hygiene product and automatically identifies controversial ingredients debated by the international scientific community.

3. Drive Toyota. Don’t spoil the air

To promote its new Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, Toyota has installed 37 billboards around Los Angeles and San Francisco. These billboards react with oxygen around and absorb the equivalent of 5,285 vehicles’ worth of nitrogen oxide emissions each month.

4. Eliminate Malaria with art

The Lisbon-based graffiti store, Montana Lisboa, decided to prevent the spread of malaria in a very untrivial way. The retailer created a spray paint that contains citronella, which keeps mosquitoes away up to 100 feet from where it’s applied. Famous graffiti artists were invited later to create artwork using those paints.

5. One scoop of waste, please!

People in North America waste up to 40% of food. How about transforming it into delicious ice-cream? A Portland-based producer found the answer to this question, introducing series of ice-cream flavors, exclusively made of food waste. I wouldn’t want to try something made of recycled fish, but if there’s an apple that doesn’t look good enough for a supermarket, it’s good to find a better alternative to it than a landfill.


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