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Why I Love Working in the Toy Industry

Aaron Wade

Why I Love Working in the Toy Industry by Aaron Wade on November 7th, 2017


“I don’t wanna grow up” is one of those statements that everyone can relate to and tend to sing aloud. For me, I like to follow it up with “I’m a Toys “R” Us Kid!.” That phrase has always been a personal motto for me. For this reason, I feel incredibly lucky to be working in the toy industry. My kid at heart jumps up and down with excitement every day since toys surround me on a daily basis.

I love the toy industry for many reasons; they range from being superficial to cheesy! Below are some of my favorite reasons and trust me, I’m not making them up.

You get to make kids smile, laugh and eager to play!


When I first started working in toys, I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about the industry. I went on retail walks to see what was on the market. On one of the walks at my local Walmart, I overheard two boys almost dying from how hard they were laughing. When I found out what they were laughing at, I almost had the same reaction – it was a fart gun. These two kids seemed to be having the time of their lives with this thing. When I got to work on my first day, I found out that the manufacturer of that product was going to be a client of mine! From that moment I told this very story to anyone that would listen.

That very Christmas, I made sure that I had my own fart gun to secure my positioning in the family as the cool uncle (my brother and sister-in-law may not have been as impressed). It’s incredible to know that the products you are working on are going to resonate with the target audience and do exactly what they are supposed to – bring joy to kids’ lives.

There is always an excuse to be a nerd

Whether it’s Star Wars, superheroes (DC over Marvel – come on – they have Batman and Flash), video games and cartoons, I always have an excuse to watch/play the latest geeky stuff. Not to mention that I sit on my couch to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. In the end, it’s “work-related” because I’m keeping up with current trends. I do realize that I may take my research a little too seriously, especially when I watch a 30-minute breakdown of a 4-minute trailer… I’m very committed to knowing the ins and outs of what kids are going to love…. Ok, what I’m going to love.

I actually love toys

During this year’s Sweet Suite, I was excited to hatch a Hatchimal for the first time. I was so excited that it was pointed out that it was a little weird to see a grown man light up with delight at watching it hatch (whatever, it was the first time I got to see it happen IRL…owning it). Whether it is playing the World’s Smallest Tiny Arcade, seeing my favorite assassin from Assassin’s Creed in action figure form or riding Yvolution’s new Neon Nitro 8, I legitimately love to play.

Not many people get to have fun at work and I’m lucky enough to be in an industry that I’m passionate about. Not to mention my inner child takes over. We work hard to play hard.

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