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Your (Un)Official PR Lingo Cheat Sheet

Hailey Sugar

Your (Un)Official PR Lingo Cheat Sheet by Hailey Sugar on July 11th, 2018

The PR world has many buzz-words and terms that may seem foreign to outsiders. Feeling confused? Have no fear! Here is a list of the top eight must-know PR terms to keep you in the loop with the PR lingo.

1) Campaign: a strategy, period of time or marketing process that contributes to a particular goal.

2) Influencer: an individual who has influence over a collective of people who trust his or her opinion. Influencers usually have a large following on social media. There are three tiers of influencers:

-> Mega Influencers: with the largest following, these influencers and celebrities have over 1 million followers. They are best used for maximum brand awareness and exposure. These influencers can usually generate an income from sponsored content.

-> Macro Influencers: the middle tier of influencers who have between 10,000-999,000 followers. Marco influencers tend to focus on a specific topic and have a high engagement rate.

-> Micro Influencers: Influencers with a smaller, but niche, following of under 10,000 followers. They generally offer a more authentic voice and create a connection with followers, making them more likely to convince followers.

3) Lead Time: the amount of time needed by reporters to complete a story. There are two different lead time classifications: long lead and short lead.

-> Long Lead: these outlets are usually print magazines who work on stories 3-6 months in advance.

-> Short Lead: these outlets have a shorter turn around time and work on stories with no more than a few days’ notices.

4) Media Release: a document for media communicating newsworthy information or the details of a brand or product.

5) Pitch: usually in the form of an email, a pitch is a targeted message used to spark interest in a product or service in media and influencers.

6) Embargo: shared information that cannot be published until a certain date.

7) Press Kit: a package of promotional material sent to media to provide information and/or samples of a good.

8) Media Impressions: the number of people who may have seen a piece of media.

With these terms under your belt, you’re on the road to speaking like a PR pro!