The media landscape is changing and evolving rapidly. With digital encompassing 51% of the total US ad spend1, social media enabling a simplified click to shop purchase journey, streaming platforms competing against potential subscription fatigue, consumer online shopping at an all-time high, and the role of influencer and community marketing becoming an everyday staple, you need an army of dedicated people working in unison to keep your brands relevant and top of mind.  
This is where ChizComm Beacon Media comes in. We are constantly examining the intersection of content and media and what that means to our client’s overall brand building efforts.  We reimagine the client journey by leveraging technology and data coupled with strategic planning and consumer insights to deliver immersive, engaging and differentiating consumer experiences. As part of our on-going conversations with our clients around technology and content, we communicate and discuss critical media shifts and modify campaigns based on real-time results.  

This data driven focus guides our strategic planning toward a new media mix that is redefining how brands go to market, shifting the allocation of spend by media type, and consequently redefining what success looks like. New and evolving media channels create tremendous opportunities for brands, but the barrage of digital touchpoints make it increasingly more difficult to engage consumers in such a crowded media landscape.  

What’s required now more than ever to help navigate is a robust measurement system, credible attribution models and an arsenal of tools to drive consumer demand. Couple this with the ongoing trend toward in-house media and the client agency relationship is being re-imagined as well. 

Dividing and conquering, collaboration and orchestration of key initiatives are what consume our client conversations and unite us around a single purpose… a more relevant and meaningful connection with consumers. 

There’s no question that analytics help determine optimal investment and the right media mix, and that technology will continue to redefine the media landscape. However, having the right partner along for the ride makes all the difference in reaching brand objectives, delivering KPIs and enjoying the journey.